Looking for the best things to do in Lake Havasu City? Here’s everything you need to know.

Did you know that the original London Bridge is in Arizona? They moved it piece by piece to its new home in Lake Havasu City and made it into a tourist destination.

With 300 days of sunshine a year and one of the best boating lakes in the US, Lake Havasu City attracts people year-round. In the summer, it’s a spring break crowd vs a quieter vibe with snowbirds in the off-season.

things to do in lake havasu

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Last Updated: November 17, 2021

For us, it’s an easy day trip or weekend trip from Las Vegas. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites at Lake Havasu, and it was a great home base. It’s located right next to the London Bridge, and we were able to walk to all the major attractions. More on our hotel later in this post! For now, let’s get into the best things to do in Lake Havasu City.

15 Best Things to Do in Lask Havasu City AZ

1. London Bridge

1340 McCulloch Blvd, 86403, map

The London Bridge is the centerpiece and the reason why Lake Havasu is a destination (click here to find out why it was moved to Arizona).

When walking the bridge, you’ll see love locks on both sides. When boating under it, you’ll see remnants of the numbering system they used to dismantle and put it back together like a puzzle.

You can also see a marking made by two U.S. soldiers during WWII. You might also see swallow nests and bats that live under it.

Local Tip: The bridge is rumored to be haunted! Jack the Ripper killed most of his victims near the bridge, and visitors claim to see a British police bobby and a woman in black roaming around. In October, they have guided tours inside the bridge if you want to inspect it yourself. – Tera from Cruisin Tikis.

london bridge lake havasu city
london bridge in lake havasu
lake havasu bridge
london bridge love locks

2. Lake Havasu Lighthouses

After several boating accidents, a group of boaters started the Havasu Lighthouse Club in 2000 to make the lake a safer place for night boating and fishing. Rather than installing basic lights, they made replicas of famous lighthouses in the US and Canada.

There are currently 28 lighthouses and more in the works. and you can find a map of them here.

Maybe it’s because I’m a water baby, but I love lighthouses and made it a mission to see them all. What I didn’t realize is that many of the lighthouses aren’t accessible from land until we started looking for them.

The easiest way to see all the lighthouses is via boat. Otherwise, these are the ones you can reach on land.

  • L1 Cape Hatteras (Lake Havasu State Park)
  • L3 East Quoddy (Lake Havasu State Park)
  • L4 West Quoddy (can be seen from Lake Havasu State Park)
  • L6 Vermilion (dirt road on the Island)
  • L7 Split Rock (dirt road on the Island)
  • L8 Point Gratoit (dirt road on the Island)
  • L9 Alpena (dirt road on the Island)
  • L10 Wind Point (dirt road on the Island)
  • L14 Lake Havasu (can be seen from London Bridge Beach)
  • L15 Buffalo Main (London Bridge Beach)
  • L16 Currituck Beach (Rotary Park)
  • L17 Fire Island (Rotary Park)
  • L27 Cape Henry (Lake Havasu State Park)

Fun Fact: All lighthouses on the west side of Lake Havasu are famous lighthouses on the West Coast and the east side lighthouses East Coast replicas. Everything on the island is from the Great Lakes.

Note: L24, however, was labeled wrong and was across the water on the California side slightly north of where the map indicates). I’m guessing it was moved after because it’s in an unlikely spot.

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vermilion lighthouse replica lake havasu
split rock lighthouse replica lake havasu
wind point lighthouse replica lake havasu

3. Lake Havasu State Park

699 London Bridge Rd, 86403, map

Park Entrance Fee: $15 Mon – Thur | $20 Fri – Sun and Holidays (per vehicle up to 4 people, $3 per additional person)

Lake Havasu State Park is north of the bridge and is one of the best spots for boating, kayaking, canoeing, picnicking, and camping. There is a beach that runs along the main part of the lake and the channel.

We ended paying to go into the state park to see 4 of the lighthouses (Cape Hatteras, Cape Henry, East Quoddy, and West Quoddy). You can see the West Quoddy across the channel, and you can walk up to the other three.

In addition, it’s a great RV camping spot or you can stay in one of their cabins.

Local Tip: Cape Hatteras lighthouse is in lot 1, Cape Henry in lot 3, and East Quoddy in lot 4.

cape hatteras lighthouse replica lake havasu state park
east quoddy lighthouse replica lake havasu
west quoddy head lighthouse replica lake havasu
cape henry lighthouse replica lake havasu state park

4. London Bridge Beach

1340 McCulloch Blvd N, 86403, map

The London Bridge Beach is south of the bridge, free to visit, and another great spot to access the open lake and Bridgewater Channel.

There’s a dedicated area for swimming, and you can launch your kayak or canoe. You can also get decent views of London Bridge along the walkway or Kenny’s Beach, whereas the actual beach portion faces the lake. The best bridge view is from Shoreline Trail or on the water.

Local Tip: There is one lighthouse at London Bridge Beach and you can see two others across the water (Currituck at Rotary Beach and Lake Havasu Marina lighthouse at the Nautical Beachfront Resort).

london bridge beach lake havasu city
buffalo lighthouse replica lake havasu
london bridge beach az
lake havasu lighthouses

5. Cruisin Tikis Havasu

70 London Bridge Rd, 86403, map

We had so much fun on Cruisin Tikis in Key West, we wanted to do Cruisin Tikis in Lake Havasu too. It’s such a fun way to party or relax with a drink on the water.

The ride takes you along the channel, and it’s BYOB. You can even bring a cooler to make sure you have plenty of bevvies for the ride. During the summer, you can hop in the water to cool off.

Each floating tiki can sit up to 6 people, so gather your friends for a party on the water. Don’t forget to bring cash to tip your captain (20% of the regular price ride is roughly $14).

If you’re hunting down lighthouses, you’ll see 7 lighthouses on the ride.

Local Tip: During the summer, they are constantly booked so make reservations early.

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cruisin tikis lake havasu
cruisin tikis lake havasu bridge
cruisin tikis lake havasu city

6. Boating or Water Sports on Lake Havasu with At the Bridge Rentals

1425 McCulloch Blvd N, 86403, map

The lake and bridge are the two main attractions of the city, so the best way to experience Lake Havasu is on the water.

We rented a pontoon boat from At the Bridge Rentals, located right at the base of London Bridge (on the island side).

Since we wanted to see as many of the lighthouses as we could, that’s what we prioritized since a lot of them can only be seen from the water. Don’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen!

We’ve taken a few boats out before but always need a refresher, and the staff helped us get comfortable before heading out.

If you are looking to rent after summer until February 1st, make a reservation ahead of time because they don’t always have it staffed. In the summer, be sure to book rentals at least two weeks out.

Local Tip: Pad in an extra 20-30 minutes to get in and out of the no-wake zone. It can feel painfully slow if you’re cutting it close.

boat rentals on lake havasu
boat rentals at lake havasu
mount desert rock lighthouse lake havasu

7. Lake Havasu Museum of History

320 London Bridge Rd, 86403, map

This small museum tells you the history of the area, boating, the London Bridge, and more. Entrance is by donation and they also hold special events throughout the year.

There’s a gift shop and the Lake Havasu Gem & Mineral Society also has a temporary store there. Ask them about their rockhounding events.

Note: they are closed on Sunday and Monday.

Local Tip: The backside of the museum has a few murals, and the ones below were our favorites. They also have a shadow museum sign that can only be seen when the sun hits it correctly.

lake havasu museum of history
lake havasu museum of history
lake havasu museum of history az

8. Sara Park

7260 Sara Pkwy, 86406, map

Park Entrance Fee: Free

Sara Park is a local favorite with hiking trails, mountain biking, a huge dog park, motocross tracks, rodeo grounds, baseball fields, a shooting range, and more.

Saras Crack in the Wall/Mountain hike was so much fun, especially the natural slide portion with the rope. It’s one of the popular hikes in Lake Havasu, and we saw a few groups on our hike.

The hike is roughly 3 miles round trip to the end of the crack or 5 miles roundtrip to the lake.

Local Tip: Hiking during the summer is really brutal. The majority of the hike is exposed so bring a lot of water and proper clothing.

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sara park lake havasu sara crack trail
sara park lake havasu hikes

9. Rotary Community Park

1400 S Smoketree Ave, 86403, map

Park Entrance Fee: Free

This is the largest public beach and park in Lake Havasu City and has boat access, picnic tables, volleyball courts, swimming beaches, and one of Arizona’s largest skate parks. The skate park is dedicated to a fallen soldier from Lake Havasu, which includes a giant replica of his U.S. Army helmet.

Local Tip: You can find two lighthouses in Rotary Park.

rotary park lake havasu skatepark
lake havasu rotary park beach
fire island lighthouse replica lake havasu rotary park
currituck lighthouse replica lake havasu

10. Stargazing

Lake Havasu City isn’t an official dark sky community, but the founder, Robert P. McCulloch, designed the city with no streetlights in residential areas with the purpose of stargazing.

You don’t have to travel far outside of town to see the stars and combined with an average of 290 clear nights, you don’t have to worry about an obstructed view. Don’t forget binoculars when you head out.

Here are a few of the best spots to stargaze according to the Lake Havasu Astronomy Club (LHAC):

  • The End of Bison Drive – dirt trail and no facilities
  • Site Six Overflow Parking Lot – some light but lots of parking
  • SARA Park Trailhead – great unless someone approaches the restroom and the lights turn on
  • Yonder Park – limited street parking and no facilities
  • Scenic Pullout at Milepost 171 south of Hwy 95 – just a short drive out of town

Local Tip: LHAC holds star parties that are open to the public. They bring telescopes and can tell you more about what you’re seeing. Check their events page for details.

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11. Cattail Cove State Park

AZ-95, 86406, map

Park Entrance Fee: $10 Mon – Thurs | $15 Fri-Sun and Holidays (per vehicle up to 4 people, $3 per additional person)

Cattail Cove State Park is best known for camping with over 60 sites. Of course, there is plenty of boating, hiking, beaches, and wildlife as well.

Local Tip: Whytes Trail is easy and one of my favorite hikes.  – Leslie, Havasu Rocks Volunteer

12. Bridgewater Channel

109 English Vlg, 86403, map

This man-made channel runs below London Bridge and is lined with waterfront restaurants, shops, trails, and beaches.

If you plan on spending any time on the water, you’ll most likely find yourself in Bridgewater Channel. During the summers, it’s completely filled with boats and paddlers.

After walking both sides of the waterfront, we prefer the mainland side for restaurants and shops, but we rented our pontoon boat from the island side.

Local Tip: During the first week of December, they do a boat parade to celebrate the holidays.

lake havasu channel
bridgewater channel lake havasu

13. Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge

60911 AZ-95, Parker, AZ 85344, map

On the south side of the lake is Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge. It’s popular for birding (cuckoos, flycatchers, etc), kayaking, and fishing. There are a couple of trails short trails for wildlife watching and an auto tour loop that you need a high-clearance 4×4 for.

We made a quick stop and didn’t see many birds, but here’s a list of all the birds you might see and which season.

The Audubon Christmas Bird Count here is the oldest bird-watching event in North America.

Local Tip: On the south side of the road, look for a brown sign with binoculars. Drive-up the rough dirt road to an overlook where you can see fall colors. – Leslie, Havasu Rocks Volunteer

bill williams river national wildlife refuge

14. Mudshark Brewery

1095 Aviation Dr, 86404, map

We didn’t end up going on this trip because we’re trying to cut weight for climbing, BUT it’s unique in that they make solar-powered brews.

When it’s not outdoor climbing season, we’ll definitely be checking it out.

15. Lake Havasu Balloon Festival and Fair

2109 McCulloch Blvd N #1, map

If you are visiting in January, consider planning your trip around the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival and Fair when hot air balloons fill the sky. They take off from the island and some surrounding parking lots and golf courses.

The next event is January 20-23, 2022 at Lake Havasu State Park. The schedule hasn’t been released yet but you can find it here once it does. Try to catch a mass ascension!

Local Tip: Whether you want to see it from land or water, be sure to review the parking rules and boating rules.

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Hot Air Balloon Ride Albuquerque

Map of the Best Things to Do in Lake Havasu City

More Things to Do in Lake Havasu

  • Aquatic Center – Indoor water slide, wave pool, splash park, etc. Great for kids.
  • Area 66 UFO Museum in Yucca (40 mins NE)
  • Birding – Lake Havasu is a birder’s paradise with over 350 identified species of birds.
  • Bowling at Havasu Lanes and Keglers Pub – Bowling, darts, billiards, and pub food.
  • Bucky’s Rare Odd & Unusual – antique shop
  • Casino – Havasu Landing is located on Chemehuevi Reservation on the California side of Lake Havasu. There’s a $2 round trip ferry to get there.
  • Copper Still Distillery – $8 and up
  • Desert Diamond Distillery Factory Tour
  • Flying X Saloon – bar and live music venue
  • Franconia – meteorite hunting
  • Golfing at Lake Havasu Golf Club
  • Grand Island Disc Golf Course
  • Grace Arts Live – Live theater with both classics and contemporary shows.
  • Havasu National Wildlife Refuge
  • Havasu Riviera State Park
  • Lake Havasu City Visitor Center
  • Kokomo Beach Club – located by the lake and has a pool.
  • Memorial Walkway along Bridgewater Channel.
  • Movies Havasu – Family-operated movie theater.
  • Off-Roading – check out these trails.
  • Rockhounding – You can find agates, quartz, geodes, gneiss, fossils, copper, chrysocolla, gold. See this resource.
  • Shops at Lake Havasu or Havasu North Shopping Center – A large shopping center with all the big box brands.
  • That Dane Bar – a dog-friendly bar and you can order from barktenders.
  • Vortexes

Hiking in Lake Havasu City

Don’t leave your hiking boots at home. Lake Havasu is more than just water recreation.

  • Crossman Peak – 14.4 mile RT moderate hike that features a waterfall.
  • Dead Burro Canyon Trail – 7.5 mi strenuous, nice views of the valley
  • Mallard Cove Trail – 5.3 mi loop, wildflowers in spring.
  • Water Tank Trail – 6.2 mi easy, nice views of lake havasu.
  • More Hikes

Where to Eat in Lake Havasu City

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