Spa travel has gone mainstream, and right now, it’s a perfect way to splurge on your post-pandemic vacation as well as enhance your mental and physical health. But where to go? 

We’ll share the best relaxing retreats across the United States. We’ll also cover the many positive effects of frequenting spas, including even the financial impact. To start, the benefits of improving cardiovascular health and supporting weight loss can help you lower your life insurance rate.

Life insurance weight charts are one of several factors used in determining health and premiums. Spa experiences can support overall health and wellness, which will help you save on insurance.

The 5 Best Spas in the U.S.

If you can take a road trip or vacation to one of these spa destinations, you won’t regret it. But even if you can’t schedule a trip, you’ll benefit just as much from a visit to a local spa with quality practices and products.

#1 – Sundara Inn and Spa, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

This peaceful retreat is located on 80 wooded acres and offers a fitness center, spa, ritual bath, and lodging. Visitors are invited to enjoy the tranquility of nature and pampering

#2 – CIVANA, Carefree, Arizona

CIVANA’s approach is to treat each person as a whole being. They encourage participation in movement classes, spa sessions, nutritious meals, and connection with nature.

#3 – The Lodge at Woodloch, Hawley, Pennsylvania

This destination spa features hydromassage, yoga and meditation classes, and fireplace lounges. The location allows guests to connect with nature in the idyllic Pocono Mountains.

#4 – Aviara Resort, Carlsbad, California

Located on the West Coast with panoramic views of the Batiquitos Lagoon, this spa specializes in luxury and the healing power of nature. Guests can enjoy full-body spa treatments, therapeutic soaks, and outdoor exercise, including a round of golf. 

And if you’re looking to combine spa treatments with a golf vacation, this is the place to go.

#5 – Salamander Resort and Spa, Middleburg, Virginia

This spa is truly full service. In addition to premium massages and facials, they also offer hair and nail services, so you can walk out feeling like a completely transformed person.

Reasons to Visit a Spa

Everyone experiences stress, and visiting a spa can allow you to disconnect and refresh. 

Health Benefits of Spa Visits

Participating in spa treatments has been associated with many health benefits, including the following:

  • Improved circulation
  • Improved skin appearance
  • Pain relief
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Reduced headaches
  • Reduced stress
  • Weight loss

Life Insurance Benefits of Spas

You might be surprised to learn that visiting a spa could have an impact on your life insurance. While there isn’t a direct benefit, there is a connection between frequenting spas and better life insurance rates.

Many life insurance policies have premiums that are based on your health. People in better health tend to be eligible for lower premiums, and regular spa visits can put you in better health. For example, if spa treatments help lower your blood pressure, you might score lower life insurance rates as a result. 

Spas have put a renewed focus on achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Many offer fitness classes and healthy food options. If you fall into a healthy weight classification, you’ll pay less for life insurance than you would in an overweight or obese category.

Lower stress levels help your body function better in every other way, so frequenting the spa may support better overall health, which will help you save on your life insurance policy.

Melanie Musson writes and researches for the life insurance comparison site, She enjoys helping people understand how working toward overall health and wellness has a positive effect on their lives and life insurance options.

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