This pandemic has certainly changed the way we use to travel, Carefree & Spot on ! Now Travel will require utmost care & safety measures. Many avid travellers like us, across cities & countries were left in the wobble when their annual holiday plans were rudely interrupted by the nearly three-month travel ban.

safe countries to travel

But now, As the Travel industry is spreading its wings back slowly again, there is some hope yet. But the big question is we all are getting is: Where is it safe to travel?

Here we have enumerated the countries which have become corona free by not registering new cases in recent time. This will help you to decide your travel plan and have a safe journey. Even though the travel has started back now , yet we request you to travel only for essential purposes and with utmost safety measures.


The East African paradise of Seychelles, with its 115 islands, is reopened for tourism from August 1. The Seychelles coronavirus situation in control right now, as no new cases of infection, or new deaths have been reported.
Covid safe countries

In fact, the nation just reported 11 cases & did not have any deaths related to Coronavirus . Pls note, First and important, only travellers from countries that are at low, or medium risk will be permitted to fly in from August 1.

Pro Tip: Visitors are not allowed to stay in more than two places of accommodation for the first seven days and one can stay only at hotels and resorts approved by the Public Health Advisory.

Vatican City

Safe countries in Europe

Though being neighbor to Rome, which was heavily impacted by the virus, as of June 6, 2020, Vatican was declared COVID free after all its 12 patients recovered. There has been no relapse of cases at the city since then. Vatican City has partially re-opened for visitors, however since entry is possible only directly from Rome, Italy’s entry restrictions apply.

Covid free countries in europe

The following countries may enter Italy now:

  • EU member countries
  • Schengen member countries
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Andorra
  • Monaco


Fiji covid free
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Fiji has announced that it has become Coronavirus free after the Pacific island nation treated its last known infected patient, thereby continuing the Pacific’s remarkable record of success against the COVID-19 virus. Fiji recorded its first case of the novel coronavirus on March 19. There have been only 18 recorded cases and zero deaths, according to data from the World Health Organization, and no new cases have been diagnosed since April.


Switzerland safest country post covid

Switzerland has managed to be the ‘Safest Country to Travel’ in the world by a study conducted by Deep knowledge group. Even though Switzerland was very close to major epicenters of initial Covid-19 spread in Europe, the country has managed to control the virus.

Safest country to travel post corona

Despite experiencing significant volumes of infection spread and mortality at the early stages of the pandemic, the rates of mortality and new cases now, continue to decline.


travel to europe post covid

Georgia was one of the world’s least-affected countries by coronavirus. The capital city of Tbilisi is an ideal destination for culture, cuisine, multiplicity and structural design. The country has taken special attempts for safe tourism and there’s no better time to visit this hidden gem.


greece post covid

The land of azure waters, islands and breathtaking beaches has had a good crisis compared with rival summer destinations such as Spain and Italy. Greece is one of the least affected countries in Europe (up to 50 times less people infected than in the most affected European countries).

Greece covid free

The Greek island of Corfu is just the place for sunbathing and relaxing – not to mention it’s completely COVID safe. However, except for tourists from certain countries, all others are required to go through quarantine.

United Arab Emirates


There is good news for those wanting to travel to the UAE, as according to a new rule, Indians with valid UAE visas can travel to the country now. The COVID-19 pandemic had put a pause to air travel for a long time, and Indians were not permitted to travel to the UAE, even with a tourist visa.



Tanzania was declared covid free on June 7. The Government has now issued new guidelines for obtaining coronavirus clearance certificates. The certificates will be available to both citizens and foreigners living in the country who plan to travel to countries where the documents are required.

A study by the Deep Knowledge Group, a group of commercial and non-profit organizations reveals the safe and sound countries in the post COVID world. The standings were decided basis a total score of 752 points against all 130 parameters under classifications of quarantine efficiency, healthcare readiness, risk management among others. Switzerland topped the list as the ‘Safest Country to Travel’ in the post COVID world while South Sudan finished at the bottom of the list of 200 countries.

As of August 2020, below are the top safest countries in the post Covid world.

safest countries to travel
PC: Deep knowledge group


After months of ambiguity amid the global pandemic, hopefulness is again on the rise. Countries are slowly reopening their borders and people are carefully looking to travel again. We highly recommend you check the local government website for the travel advisories before you plan travel to any of these countries.

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