It is difficult to list down all the reasons to visit Sharjah in one post however, we have listed some of the major ones which will definetly make you think about it as “must visit” travel destination.

UAE, especially Dubai is known for its flashy tall buildings, luxurious resorts, shop-till-you-drop malls, and other ambitious projects. But it’s not only glitzy and glamour— Sharjah takes another turn and concentrates on culture.

It is an emirate that puts all endeavors on preserving its heritage, more than anywhere else in the UAE. It is the cultural, educational, and religious heartland of the country.

Many travelers are confused about visiting Sharjah for its conservative approach. It is referred to as dry emirate with no alcohol scenes. They miss out on the fact that it boasts mind-boggling diversity of attractions, including popular and offbeat destinations.

We Visited Sharjah 2 years back as a day trip from Dubai and we are glad that we could visit this pearl of gulf. From experiencing the enigmatic beauty of the desert to observing the rare collections in museums, there are amazing reasons to visit Sharjah. Keep reading to find out about them.

Cultural Capital of Arab

Sharjah is the UAE’s cultural gem. Renowned for its wealth of well-preserved historic landmarks, Sharjah is acknowledged as the cultural capital of the UAE.

Day trip to sharjah
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Due to the region’s celebrated treasures, the place was chosen as the Arab Capital of Culture by UNESCO in 1998 and reaffirmed in 2004. And why not, it has kept the spirit of its history alive by incorporating tradition into every aspect of modern development. The emirate gives a fresh perspective of culture and tradition wrapped in its quaint charm.

Thriving Art Scene

Sharjah may seem like an extension of its neighbors, however, it is more unique in terms of art. While other emirates have put their stakes on cultural attractions, Sharjah has nurtured groundbreaking community-based art hubs.

Sharjah Art Musuem
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Like, Sharjah Arts Museum is a perfect place for art lovers where one can relish the Arab culture and heritage through impressive artwork by the 18th-century painters. For the sincere promotion of Arts and Literature, the Sharjah Art Foundation gives the biggest platform contemporary artists all across the globe.

Overall, the emirate introduces an unbelievable collection of masterpieces for the art aficionados.

Extraordinary Museums

Making the best use of its vast history, Sharjah has built an impressive amount of museums, ranging from archaeological to heritage. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, spanning over two floors, nestled along a waterfront in a souq, allows one to dive into the roots of Arab and Islamic culture.

Sharjah Museum
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Here, visitors learn about the rituals, artifacts, textiles, and more. The Sharjah Archaeology Museum takes you back more than 125,000 years and the Heritage Museum gives an enchanting look at the rich traditions and cultures of the local people.

The emirate has also established another set of museums where you learn science, calligraphy, the strong and historical connection between Sharjah and the sea, defensive forces, and more.

Dynamic Desert

Sand makes an important part of the emirate. The desert safari tours are an exclusive way to get away from the city buzz and step closer to adventure. After you book the trip, the desert safari is one cab ride away from the main city area of Sharjah.

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Enjoy the thrilling 4WD tour, try the optional quad bike, explore rich wildlife, gaze at the awe-striking fire show, watch the live dance, taste the Arabic coffee and dates, and sleep under the starlit skies.

Dessert Safaru sharjah

Located within the heart of Sharjah’s central desert is the Mleiha Archaeological Centre that makes the entire experience culturally awakening. Check out the archaeological excavations and artifacts dating back to the Paleolithic era, and visit tombs and caves.

Underwater Adventure

It is incredible how you switch from the shifting sands to the endless ocean. Drive towards the east, and you can pack a picnic for the Khorfakkan beach on the Gulf of Oman.

Khorfakkan , Sharjah

Khorfakkan is a bustling metropolis hemmed in by a sandy crescent beach and a palm-lined avenue. Blessed with rich marine life, this place offers guided snorkel and scuba trips, as well as a variety of PADI courses. Travelers can discover a deep insight into this water wonderland with a full -day boat trip.

Beach in Sharjah

Thanks to the nearby resort & spa that visitors can take a break, grab a meal and admire the view for the rest of the day.


One of the most contemporary and modern developments of Sharjah is a narrow strip of land around Khalid Lake, Corniche. Perfect for hangouts, this relaxing walkway features residential complexes, resorts, parks, supermarkets, and restaurants.

Sharjah Chronicle
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Sit next to the water, relish the skyline, and enjoy some of the quality cafes in the city. Alongside the waterfront is a gorgeous and colorful Al Majaz Fountain that shoots water 100 meters in the air and performs to the rhythm of the music that plays every 30 minutes in the evening.

Here, families can relax, couples can plan their date night, and this overall turns out to be an exciting night.

Delicious Arabian desserts

This place is heaven for people with sweet-tooth. Sharjah has the best desserts, which you can devour at almost every main road that has a variety of Arabic sweet shops.

Sharjah food
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Kunafa is one of the favorite desserts that is layered with cheese and nuts and dipped in sugar-based syrup. And whenever you think of riding from Dubai to Sharjah, this reason is alone to convince you to be here.

Weekend trip from Dubai

It is interesting how wonderfully all the emirates in the UAE are well-connected, making the tour for travelers hassle-free.Consult a reliable tour agent/ operator and one can book a half-day/ day tour in Sharjah as per budget and itineraries.

Weekend trip to sharjah

Sharjah lies at 27.7 km from Dubai and takes around 20-30 minutes to reach via road. A well-planned schedule will let the visitors tick off major attractions like the King Faisal Mosque, Fort of Sharjah, Heritage museum, Al Arsa Souk, eat good food, and shop with full heart.

So, book the UAE tourist visa and travel its beautiful sister emirates.

Souk Shopping

You have shopped in hundreds of malls in your life. Give it a break and duck into the traditional souqs at Sharjah.

sharjah Souk

From gold jewelry and exotic Arabian oil perfumes to colorfully painted bowls and plates, from camel key chains and lush red carpets to fruits and vegetables, Sharjah is brimming with several kinds of souks.

Blue Souq
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The blue souk is the most popular and impressive landmark that captures the vibe of a traditional bazaar. The other choice is the central souk spread over 80,000 sqm and has more than 600 shops. 

University City

Once in Sharjah, travelers much embrace its educational side. One of the finest educational entities in the region, Sharjah University City produces some of the brightest minds. You can see these intellectual and energetic students at work.

Sharjah university
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It is a large compound of universities and research centers that could segregate into an independent city. Take out time in between and grab a quick snack or a meal on the go.


Sharjah is an emirate with a subtle approach and brings a dynamic array of museums and adventurous side of nature. Get your visa, pack your bags, plan for a range of exciting activities and maximize your fun in Sharjah.

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