Gothenburg, the port town of Sweden, with its old world charm is worth spending 2-3 days in. A destination that allows a slow, unhurried pace of existence, Gothenburg or `Goteborg’ in Swedish is the largest port of the Nordic countries. And that’s how my stay at this archipelago was – relaxed and unhurried!

Gothenburg is closer to Sweden’s nature than any other city, with its plethora of parks and green spaces. Experiencing the real feel of life during the vibrant, summer season, as locals were out and about was interesting. From enjoying get-togethers in parks, to nature walks, sunbathing near the river, lingering at cafes, or dining late into the night seemed to be the norm.

Opting For Train Travel Wherever Possible 

Train journeys have their own charm, and I prefer traveling by this efficient mode of transportation as much as possible when in Europe. What better way to travel from Oslo to Gottenburg than by a super fast express that was  so quick and convenient.

Art, Culture & History

Contemplating  whether to visit the Museum of Art or simply hop onto a tram and admire things around, I chose the former, and was happy that I did it. The art museum featuring masterpieces and art-work by well known artists was definitely worth exploring.

After the museum tour, which took about two hours, we were famished, but couldn’t locate any eateries nearby. And that’s when the handy digital device – the mobile phone came to our rescue ! 

Isn’t it amazing how technology helps us?  

You can search for anything at the touch of a button and get the answers instantly. A quick online search, led us to a nearby restaurant just 200 meters away, where we ate a scrumptious lunch.

Waterfront, Gothenborg Port

The hotel room where I stayed, turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Located on a higher floor, it was comfortable and plush, offering sweeping views of the cityscape, that enhanced the overall experience. The combination of plush amenities and stunning vistas made for a fine stay.

 The people of Sweden have a profound connection with nature. Whenever the weather permits (which is not often due to the extended winter and snowy seasons from October to April), people flock to the outdoors . The short summers provide the perfect opportunity for Swedes to slow down, relish the beauty of their surroundings, and savor the joy of being in the present moment.

The Compact Layout of Gothenburg Makes It Easy To Explore On Foot

With no fixed agenda, we strolled around in the central area near the river `Gota Alv’, absorbing the vibe of the place, getting into shopping areas, lanes, and by-lanes. It was refreshing, especially since it wasn’t raining! Everything was bathed in golden sunshine, accompanied by fresh air and pleasant weather.  

Riverside Gothenborg

A short while later, and without realizing it, found ourselves in front of the Botanic Gardens.  Though, had not planned a trip to Europe’s largest and most prominent gardens,  decided to go inside as we were already there. However, couldn’t stay long as had another plan – to visit Gothenburg port. So we left early as wanted to reach the waterfront before sunset.

The port is an important landmark of the city, where you can see the grand, Swedish ship `Gotheburg’. A walk along the harborside and the `Gulbergskajen’ pier offers picturesque views. Ending the last day of our stay in Goteborg in this way, sitting at the water’s edge, admiring different types of fascinating ships and boats docked there, and the cool, fresh breeze was rejuvenating.


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