Being in one of the happiest places in the world, Norway, took me on a journey of discovery. I was grateful for such an opportunity,  that  few people get to experience.  Oslo and other `Scandic’ countries had been on my bucket list and finally I was all set to explore them.

Previously, Norway’s capital served as a stop-over destination en route to Tromso, famous for the northern lights. This time I stayed as a tourist.

The tag of being one of the happiest places was evident from the moment my trip began on the flight to Oslo.  An hour into the seven-hour long flight, conversations that started as  murmurs, transformed into loud jovial chatter at high decibels . I could see people leaving their seats, to stand on the sides wherever there was space, forming small groups and talking.  This kind of camaraderie on an aircraft is seldom seen, and  it was infectious ! 

Radiant Summers of Norway : Natural Elixir For Happiness

It is not without a reason that Norway tops the list of happiest countries. Geographically, countries closer to the arctic circle are endowed with radiant sunshine for almost 20 hours in a day in summers.

Does’nt a bright and sunny weather work wonders for the mood , acting as a balm to the soul?

For someone who has never witnessed such a phenomenon, seeing the last rays of the sun disappearing over the horizon as late as 10.45 pm is fascinating…… and that surprisingly did’nt end there! A few hours later, was woken up at 3.30 am to the first rays of the sun just seeping in. It was absolutely incredible!!

These `endless’ days, not only inspire a sense of boundless energy, but apparently stretch the  time for sightseeing to nearly 9-10 hours! 

Last year, from the airport, I could see snow in the surrounding areas, leading me to have the impression that Oslo would be a quaint, snow covered European city.

But it was April beginning then.

Now it was the summer season, and Oslo turned out to be a modern, green city, with pleasant weather, and clear, blue skies. 

The locals were making the most of it – sunbathing, having picnics in the beautiful, verdant parks, wearing their coolest summer outfits. Travelers like me, who are not familiar with this type of climate, found it not that warm, though it was definitely pleasant! I couldn’t have possibly managed without a jacket during the evenings.

While the remarkable Medieval buildings or Gothic architecture (that other European countries are famous for) are missing in Oslo, it  offers several other tourist attractions, worth mentioning, notable being : 

The Nobel Peace Center – an intimate museum in the heart of Oslo, presenting the history of the Nobel Peace Prize through exciting exhibitions and events.

Besides, there are several museums where you can experience everything from historical treasures to world class art. Prominent among them is the Vikings Museum, which has an exquisite collection of archaeological objects from the Vikings Age, the Middle Ages, and the Stone Age upto recent times.

There’s also a Natural History Museum worth visiting.

The Opera House – is Norway’s largest music and performing arts institution. It’s uniquely designed structure stands out. Visitors can walk on the sloping roof or continue into the beautiful, open foyer.

A Serene Getaway On Oslo’s Fjords

One of the highlights of this part of Norway are the surrounding fjords; cruising on these is an unmissable activity. Various types of fjord sightseeing cruises are available from the pier for tourists to choose from. Tickets can be easily purchased from the counters there itself.

The one that we took was a two-hour classic tour, passing the fortress, Opera House, and idyllic islands with cute summer houses. The views as you sail on the expansive, deep blue waters, between emerald, rolling hills are breath-taking.

We enjoyed tram journeys that are such an integral part of the city, connecting to the suburbs. Being in a mood for adventure, one such ride took us to the last stop, where we got down and found ourselves in the midst of a picture perfect forest,  a placid lake and a cluster of pretty cottages. Sights like these are so refreshing, uplifting our spirits.

More than half of Oslo is covered by forests and parks, making it a lush green carpet during the summer.  In  winter, this green landscape transforms into a snowy winter wonderland, ideal for skiing and other winter activities.

I found some of the best eateries, cafes along the harbour promenade, with outdoor seating and patios. Not only was the decor impressive, the food was also fresh and delectable. You’ll get all types of fresh fish, salmon, pizza, and salads.

The photos shared in this blog are from my album.

Glimpses of a Fjord Tour :

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