Rome, Italy, is a captivating city filled with unbelievable sights and fascinating history. From its famous tourist attractions to cozy and friendly neighborhoods, there’s so much you’ll want to see and do when you visit Rome. Picking a neighborhood to stay in that’s central and full of characteristic Roman charm is essential. That’s an easy task to fulfill with Vacation Perfect since our hand-picked vacation apartments rentals are right in the center of Rome near amazing views, shops, restaurants and everything that will make you fall in love with the cobblestone streets of the Eternal City. Here are just a few excellent neighborhoods you can stay in and enjoy exploring when you visit Rome!

The Centro Storico

This is the historic center of Rome. Most of Rome’s favorite monuments and piazzas, such as Piazza Navona, Campo de’ Fiori, Piazza di Spagna, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and the Colosseum are all found in this area. It’s a must-see for those visiting for the first time for the historic sights. Within the historic center, there are many lovely areas to stay in. Here are two of our favorites!

The Trevi Fountain will wow you every time you see it!


In the heart of the Centro Storico is the Trevi area, which is named for the Trevi Fountain. It’s one of the most popular attractions in Rome – and for good reason. It’s a spectacular sight! Staying in the area means you can visit early in the day to be assured a good spot for viewing. This neighborhood is full of restaurants and iconic gelaterie as well as plenty of other historic sights just a short stroll away. Enjoy a stay in this enchanting part of Rome at our Fortunata apartment rental nearby.

Campo de’ Fiori

If you are interested in finding a vacation rental in a vibrant and historic neighborhood, the Campo de’ Fiori area is perfect. It’s a trendy neighborhood full of historic spots as well as the charming market that takes place in Campo de’ Fiori. It’s a fabulous area for shopping that’s popular with locals and travelers alike, and the atmosphere in the evenings is just right for a passeggiata before or after dinner. Find out more about the Campo de’ Fiori neighborhood and why our Sonata apartment is a hidden haven in Rome!

A view overlooking the elegant Prati neighborhood.


Prati is across the river from the Spanish Steps neighborhood, and it’s an area our guests love. With unique Art Nouveau architecture and premier shopping, it’s especially popular with Romans too. You’ll find designer boutiques, gourmet food shops and much more. Our Elegante apartment is a wonderful choice for a stylish stay in Prati!

Get To Know Rome

The best way to experience Rome, Italy, is to stay in one of its many gorgeous neighborhoods in a vacation rental. Find the perfect apartment for your stay at Vacation Perfect. We can help you with every step planning your Italy vacation stay. Learn more about Rome by reading our travel guide at Italy Perfect for more things to do and how to plan your vacation. Contact us on our website or call 1-888-520-2087 for the best vacation rental in the Eternal City!

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