While white Christmas has its own charm and we all look forward to it, the mention of a warm, sun-draped Christmas is tempting for many. As mercury falls, many people in the U.S. flock to regions where the sunshine is ample and a day out necessarily doesn’t mean heavy coats and wool mittens, but casual tees and handball on the beach.

Here is a line-up of some of the most amazing places to visit in Christmas in the US

Hawaii Islands

Not a lot of people will be surprised to see Hawaii’s tropical island heading this list, as the place becomes host to thousands of tourists escaping the chills to spend a warm Christmas. At over 75 degrees in daytime, Hawaii islands are mildly warm to have a great Christmas vacation. Temperatures do drop to 10 degrees during night, but that’s still much better than colder parts of the country. Among the top US attractions during Christmas, you can plan a getaway to have a memorable time.

Savannah, Georgia

Averaging over 60 degrees in summers, Savannah is a paradise for vacationers looking for sun and a plethora of activities and adventures. The place truly comes alive during the Savannah Harbor Festival of Lights, with sailboats and yachts competing for top honors. Live music and glittering fireworks are the other key attractions during the festival. Another key factor why Savannah is sought-after by Christmas vacationers is because of The Journey.  An outdoor production that recreates the ancient town of Bethlehem, delicious food to eat, and stalls that sell wares – these will surely make The Journey a memorable experience for you.

Florida Keys

Florida Keys becomes a tourist hotspot during Christmas as its pristine white sand beaches appeal to idyllic and laidback Christmas celebrations. There are a number of resorts where you can enjoy a comfortable stay, but it will be worth your while to spend the days enjoying the winter sunshine. Many hotels and restaurants have a special Christmas event with Christmas delicacies to ensure that the festive spirit is not compromised. Apply for USA visit visa online to know about the requirements.

Beaufort, South Carolina

With December temperatures averaging in 60s, Beaufort, a small town becomes host to Christmas vacationers, offering them what they come looking for – warm sunshine, Christmas festivities, and great cuisine. Some of the best tourist attractions in Beaufort include Hunting Island State Park, Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park, Bay Street, and St. Helena’s Anglican Church.

San Diego

San Diego enjoys sunny weather during Christmas and offers tourists the ideal setting to enjoy a warm vacation. There are a host of tourist attractions and adventures you can partake in to enjoy your stay. The Christmas Circle in Chula Vista is a must-do; other key attractions are annual Jungle Bells celebration at San Diego zoo.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando, with its Christmas-themed events at Walt Disney has remained a popular destination not only for Americans, but also for people from all around. During Christmas vacations, Orlando receives heavy footfall, and is a hit among tourists travelling with kids. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party remains the star attraction for families visiting Orlando, but there are a good number of things you can do outside of Walt Disney World that are worth exploring. To make sure you don’t miss out on the spiritual side of the Christmas, the First Baptist Church of Orlando hosts a spectacular event, featuring over 300 choir members.

Santa Monica, California

Enjoying the warmth of Santa Monica during Christmas holidays can be a fun-filled experience. With temperatures ranging nearly 65 degrees, Santa Monica offers vacationers a warm Christmas setting. Shopping at the sidewalk stalls and Candlelight Walk are some of the key attractions for vacationers in Santa Monica.

These are the top 7 places in the U.S. for a warm Christmas. For a warm, sunny Christmas in 2016, these places are the ideal setting.

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