It is not akin to driving on just any other route in driving on Route 66. You will be let down if you believe that all you have to do is simply follow the directions or use the navigation. The Mother Road will take a lot more work than any other ordinary road if you wish to travel it faithfully because it is not as easy to find the route as all the world’s highways and interstates! Here are all the directions you need to plan a vacation along Route 66 if you are seeking a helpful Route 66 travel guide. 

Try Road 66 Road Trip- Know Why 

Below are a handful of convincing reasons why you should head toward the route 66 trip, 

Epic Adventure

An adventure in and of itself is the drive from Chicago up to Santa Monica across the United States. The length of the Route 66 distinguishes it from other typical road trips. To take pleasure in ultimate adventure destinations in the USA this road trip will be an ideal pick.

Experience Small Town America

You will get to see the “Real America” through its little communities on the road trip. These days, you can only see them in the distance due to the Interstate system’s bypass of them. Compared to large cities, small towns in America are friendlier, safer, and have slower-paced, diverse communities.

Exploration of American History

Traversing the Mother Road traces the footprints of numerous Americans as they travel across the nation.

Experience Americana

You can learn more about the characteristics that define American culture by traveling Route 66. An exploration of American culture can be had by taking route 66 tours self-drive.

Where does it Start?

Route 66 begins in Chicago and travels through eight states. Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arizona, & finally California are the states in question. Every segment of the driving route runs through multiple major cities & small-town America, so there is no shortage of sights to view.

Where does it End?

At Santa Monica’s Lincoln and Olympic Boulevards, Route 66 officially ends. These boulevards mark the official terminus of Highway 1, hence that is where this route finishes.

Route 66- Exciting Things to See 

To make your Route 66 holidays all the more enjoyable, do not miss out on these exciting things, 

Route 66 Illinois

In Illinois, Route 66 is a beloved section of the Mother Road, brimming with nostalgia and American culture. It travels through the state for over 300 miles, going through places including Pontiac, Springfield, and Chicago. Along the journey, there are famous roadside landmarks, restaurants, and lodging facilities.

Route 66 Missouri

Traveling along Route 66 through Missouri is an adventure via small-town charm and history. With attractions like the Route 66 State Park, the Chain of Rocks Bridge, and the Meramec Caverns, it spans around 300 miles. Traveling along Route 66 will take you to cities like Cuba, St. Louis, and Joplin, each of this has a distinct flavor of the road trip experience.

Route 66 Kansas

Even though Kansas’s section of Route 66 is the smallest, it is nevertheless jam-packed with fascinating sights. The route travels roughly 13 miles through the southeast portion of the state, going via the communities of Baxter Springs and Galena. Both the Eisler Brothers Store and the Rainbow Bridge in Riverton are notable historical sites that should not be missed. Despite being a brief journey, there is enough of appeal in the interim.

Route 66 Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s Route 66 is a piece of American history! With its iconic diners, oddball roadside attractions, & vintage hotels, the Mother Road offers a taste of nostalgia as it passes through places like Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Route 66 Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, even the Route 66 stretch! The route passes through famous locations like Amarillo as it crosses the Texas Panhandle. The Cadillac Ranch is a must-see location where Cadillacs are in fact buried nose-first and used as canvases by graffiti artists. A legendary destination also recognized for their 72-ounce steak challenge is the Big Texan Steak Ranch. Texas undoubtedly gives the experience of Route 66 a unique taste!

Route 66 New Mexico

New Mexico’s southern flair and breathtaking scenery add a distinct character to Route 66. As you travel through cities like Santa Fe and Albuquerque, you will pass by adobe architecture and bustling art scenes that enhance the experience. In Tucumcari, the vintage Blue Swallow Motel is a treasure, and the Acoma Pueblo provides a window into the Native American history. If you watch Breaking Bad, you may also be familiar with several of Albuquerque’s filming sites!

Route 66 Arizona

Arizona’s renowned landmarks and desert vistas add a dash of flare to the Route 66 experience. You will go through Flagstaff, which is the location of the venerable Lowell Observatory. Do not miss the quirky village of Seligman, which is credited with inspiring efforts to preserve Historic Route 66. The part of Arizona is also poised with the natural exquisiteness of the Petrified Forest & Painted Desert National Parks. Unquestionably, the Grand Canyon is  pièce de résistance. Even though a slight of a diversion, this is indeed worth it. The Grand Canyon’s majesty and sheer size are astounding.

Route 66 Detour to Las Vegas

Why not take a deviation to Las Vegas to spice up your Route 66 experience with a little additional excitement? You are going to love the bright lights, top-notch entertainment, and the iconic Strip. Vegas is a great side trip if you are game for some desert glitz and maybe a some luck at the casinos, even though it is a little off the main Route 66 route. Do not forget to put on your poker face!

Route 66 California

The famous Route 66 ends in California, and it is not to be disappointed! You will begin in Needles, a town in the Mojave Desert, & end up at Santa Monica, where the road ends. With its recognizable sign, the Santa Monica Pier truly is a classic conclusion and a fantastic site to complete your cross-country trip. You can stop along the journey to enjoy Barstow’s musical legacy, the ghost town of the Oatman, & the quirky and creative hamlet of Amboy. Another must-see is the Wigwam Motel in Rialto, which has rooms that are shaped like teepees. Route 66 in California is a blend of iconic Americana, arid scenery, and that unmistakably Californian atmosphere.

What Happened to the Route 66?

The Main Street of America, or U.S. Route 66, was formally retired as a highway in 1985. Nonetheless, a large amount of the old route is still in place and opens for driving. Route 66 road trip is frequently honored for its wonderful cultural significance and has come to represent American nostalgia, even though it may not be the busy highway it once was. Along the road, travelers can discover relics from the former route, stop at vintage motels and restaurants, and get a taste of the bygone era.

Stops on Route 66

Route 66 has a ton of famous stops! Which ones do you intend to visit? Classic options include the Wigwam Motel & Cadillac Ranch; other options include the Blue Swallow Motel, Midpoint Cafe, and the unique Jack Rabbit Trading Post. What about the Californian Santa Monica Pier? It has that vintage seaside feel and is the official terminus of Route 66. The World’s biggest Catsup Bottle in Illinois and the Blue Whale of Catoosa in Oklahoma are must-see attractions for anyone who like kitsch. Not to be overlooked for an underground experience are the Grand Canyon Caverns in Arizona. There are so many interesting and nostalgic places along Route 66! Visit the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum for a little nostalgia. Additionally, visit Flagstaff, Arizona’s haunted Hotel Monte Vista if you are feeling a little spectral. There is so much to do on the Mother Road!

Roadside Attractions on Route 66

There are many roadside attractions along Route 66, and more are popping up as more Americans and tourists come there to relive simpler times. Old automobiles on display, soda shops and petrol stations in the 1950s style, a vibrant downtown, and the Route 66 signage and neon signs that are remnants of the area’s former advertisements are all there. The Road Kill Cafe, an old general store, an old Texaco gas station, & ancient motor hotels are all there. If you plan to purchase any mementos, do so from Seligman since they offer everything that highlights the historical Route 66. You will frequently stumble across abandoned settlements and dilapidated structures.

Bottom Line 

Route 66 combines a road trip, cultural exploration, and visual feast all into one. The best road trips in USA are calling your name if you are ready for some adventure, nostalgia, & a little bit of spontaneity!


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