The Universe is peppered with breathtaking, natural wonders that are stunning and inspire awe in those who are fortunate enough to witness them. From silvery, cascading waterfalls to magnificent mountain peaks, these remarkable creations of nature showcase Earth’s incredible beauty and power.

Being an avid traveler, I have covered almost all of the world’s most famous tourist spots, yet there is still a lot to explore. In this selection, I’ll introduce you to 7 of my favorite natural wonders of the world, which I had the privilege of seeing. Each offering a unique and mesmerizing glimpse into the splendors of our planet.

Grand Canyon National Park

A trip to the Casino capital of the world Las Vegas, Nevada would be incomplete without visiting one of the Wonders of the World nearby — the Grand Canyon! Located in the state of Arizona, it takes approximately one and a half hours, first by bus and then helicopter, to reach the Grand Canyon National Park from the Las Vegas Strip. We took this route — the easiest way to get there! Make sure to pre-book all the tickets in advance, as slots fill up really fast.

This was the most unique, natural phenomenon I have ever set eyes on. The stunning views of the enormous flame-colored walls plunging 4800 feet down into the gorge of the Colorado river is absolutely intriguing. No wonder that the Canyons are a World Heritage site.

Discover incredible aerial views aboard the helicopter ride as it soars over the park’s most astounding rock formations and features! The exposed layers of colorful rocks are created by the incision of the Colorado river and its tributaries. Also visible are the Navajo Bridge and Lake Mead, from the chopper.

Jungfrau Peak

Jungfrau in the Swiss Alps is one of the highest and most famous mountain peaks in Europe. The summit being at a height of 13,500 feet above sea level, has temperatures below sub zero level throughout the year. Our trip to this place was full of excitement and adventure, even though it was freezing.

Amazingly, even at such a height, this mighty mountain range is connected with a rail system (built-in 1912), covering most of the distance inside the mountain itself. A superb choice and mode of travel, intermediate stations with panoramic windows provide splendid outside views of the alpine region. The Eurorail system is absolutely top-class — sleek, well-maintained, and super fast.

My heart skipped a beat when the train ascended a steep mountain, and as it moved further, intriguing mountains covered in snow were visible all around. We eventually arrived at our destination, after passing through a series of tunnels…….an extremely cold, water-dripping station.

Photo by Fuyu Yeo on7 Natural Wonders Of The World Unsplash 

Full-length glass windows on the viewing deck provide travelers with spectacular sights of the vast, pure white mountain range. Truly seemed like paradise!! Despite being bone-chillingly cold, my family and I nonetheless went outside in the slippery, creamy snow. Kids thoroughly enjoyed playing in the snow. Though after a while a blizzard negated all visibility and numbed by the intense cold, we had to hurry back inside the ice museum.

Twelve Apostles

Next on my list are the incredible `Twelve Apostles‘ …….an out of the world creations of nature on the east coast of Australia. Formed by the action of winds and waves, over thousands of years, the twelve (currently eight are visible) limestone pillars emerging from the ocean are a highly recommended tourist spot in Australia.

Stunning sights of the aquamarine ocean and the rocky landscape can be enjoyed from the serpentine road stretching all along the cliff, which serves as the viewing area. Tourists also have the option of taking a chopper ride to get a bird’s eye view of the entire region. Equally enchanting is the three-and-a-half-hour drive from Melbourne, along the scenic Ocean road, amidst forests on one side and ocean vistas on the other.

Rohtang Pass

This Himalayan getaway, situated 51 kms from Manali in Himachal Pradesh, India, though quite treacherous to reach, yet is worth being to. All the way an uphill climb, along steep, narrow roads. Situated at an altitude of 13,060 feet above sea level, the spot offers stunning views of snow-capped peaks and glaciers. Though this trip was not undertaken recently, it’s still fresh in my memory.

En route, there is a stop-over at `Snow Point’, where there is enough snow to create a snowman. People irrespective of their age, enjoy playing in the snow, rolling snowballs and hurling at each other or just moving around, and lounging in the soft, fluffy snow.

Tourists have to take those furry snow caps, gloves, jackets, and boots available on rent here in order to cope with the sub-zero temperatures and icy winds. There is also an option of taking a break at the village of Kothi, which is a fabulous spot amidst alpine meadows and the most phenomenal river Beas as it comes roaring down through a deep gauge.

Due to its heavy spells of snowfall, this exotic location is an ideal destination for adventure sports like skiing. This required some expertise, so we opted for the safer option of merely sliding on the snowy slopes in a huge rubber tube. There are also other activities like horse riding and even short, rafting trips on the river, for kids above 12 years.

The most fascinating part of this trip was obviously the snow and the gorgeous views around. Wherever you gaze, you will find the pristine, white snow covering the entire landscape. An absolutely divine feeling!

Folks if you are planning for your next adventure or simply seeking inspiration, choose from this list, our planet offers a diverse range of experiences that cater to every traveler’s desire.

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