Save Our Planet Before It’s Too Late : Moving Towards Sustainability  

The care of the earth is our most ancient & most worthy & most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it & to foster its renewal is our only hope” by Wendell Berry  

Sustainability is the need of the hour. The pandemic has been a clarion call, teaching us valuable lessons that we cannot forget soon. It’s not only our health that is of prime importance but also protecting our environment. Failing which can have devastating repercussions.  So, citizens of the world wake up !! Save Our Planet Before It’s Too Late : Moving Towards Sustainability .

It is the responsibility of each individual on planet earth to work towards this cause. The good news is that there is an uptick in sustainable living worldwide. In fact, more and more travelers are realizing the significance of sustainable travel. Plus initiatives of organizations around the world, working towards saving our natural environment, is a positive shift in this direction.  

Already there are carbon neutral places in Netherlands, Denmark, Norway. Others are following suit. Banning the use of plastics, easy access to rental bikes and separate cycling lanes, are conscious efforts towards reducing carbon emission. In France wastage of food by hotels is  punishable, thus paving the way for zero wastage.  

Recently, in New Delhi, the tourism ministry, along with United Nations Environment Program and Responsible Tourism Society of India have launched National Strategy for Sustainable Tourism and Responsible Traveler Campaign. Through this forum key components that pave the way for sustainable tourism have been identified – from protecting biodiversity, environmental sustainability to promoting economic and socio-cultural sustainability.(Source : Times of India)  

It’s appreciable that we celebrate World Environment Day during which a number of activities and campaigns are organized to create awareness and involvement of people. 

As an individual who is an avid traveler, and supporter of eco tourism. I dedicate this write up to sustainable travel practices and ways of adopting it.

Here’s what we as conscientious travelers can do :  

Beginning from how each one of us can contribute , which is the most doable to transformation at global levels. Something as simple as throwing litter in the bin, carrying our own, reusable water bottles, while on the go. Saying no to plastic, and using non toxic material like glass or steel.  
Staying in hotels that adhere to sustainability norms – including use of solar power, energy efficient lighting system and natural/ organic products.  

Encouraging indigenous communities by taking their services or buying from them. A step closer to accomplishing our aim for sustainable travel is to stay in accommodations owned by localites, like homestays or airbnb’s.
Go Green should be the mantra!! Furthermore, opting eco-friendly hotels within natural surroundings is not only therapeutic, but also adds towards sustainable practises.

According to statistics published by the digital travel company, 91% of Indian travelers want to travel sustainably. That’s a 3% increase over the previous year. Also 94% of travelers worldwide wish to incorporate eco-tourism. These are encouraging trends, indicating a positive drift towards sustainability to save our planet.

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