What To See in Munich in Two Days

A different mode of travel than the usual air travel is always welcome . And this was how my first trip to Munich, Germany. Opting to travel by train in Europe is enthralling.

An excellent network of trains all across Europe, connecting its countries, makes traveling so convenient, additionally you get to enjoy the views of the verdant picture postcard countryside.

Munich seamlessly blends the contemporary with the medieval, where modern structures stand alongside ancient castles.

Our first destination was the Olympic Park or Olympia Park which has an Olympic Stadium, a picturesque lake, an iconic observation tower, a swimming pool, and a beautiful landscape. This spot is not just a center for leisure and sports activities but a testament to Munich’s diverse offerings.

A guided tour on the toy train takes you around the unique architecture and is worth taking.

The highlight of the park is the 190 meters tall Olympic towers that offers excellent views of Munich. As it was raining the day we visited, clarity was compromised. It’s said that when the weather is favorable you can see the Alps from here.

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Our next stop was the Nymphenburg Palace and Park nestled in Munich’s western district Neuhausen, which served as the main summer residence of the former rulers of Bavaria. The enchanting pearly castle’s Baroque decor, extravagantly decorated interiors, and extensive parks are worth a visit.

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Depending upon your time and budget there are 3 options to explore and visitors have to buy separate tickets for them: Palace Rooms with Ludwig 1’s Gallery of Beauties; Park with Pavilions; Marstallmuseum and Museum of Nymphenburg Porcelain.

Wandering through the surroundings, don’t miss spotting ducks in the water body outside the Palace.

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The Munich Residence, historically serving as the seat of the Government of Bavarian Dukes, stands as one of the most significant Palace complexes in Europe. This architectural marvel impresses visitors with its sheer magnitude, boasting of over 130 rooms open to the public, and also houses the treasury of the Wittelsbachs. The stunning interiors have been captured by my camera.

Author’s Album — Munich Residence

Author’s Album — Munich Residence

We were also witness to Deutschland’s soccer mania, right in the heart of Munich, the bustling Marienplatz square. Roaring crowds of soccer fans thronged the streets, as a much-anticipated football match was scheduled that day. The excited frenzy extended till the subway as well, as we steered through the cheering crowds to get onto our train.

The central square of Munich is marked by three distinctive features that capture the essence of Munich :

The City Hall Tower — dominates the skyline and offers a captivating viewing deck at its peak. Accessible by an elevator, it provides a breathtaking panorama of the city.

The Church of St Peters — this elegant church graces the square, its spire piercing the sky and adding a touch of historical grandeur to the urban landscape.

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The Fish Fountain: is a cozy corner, where people can sit, relax while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere.

Tourists in Germany may encounter language issues to some extent, especially at popular tourist spots. But it was manageable.


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