Even though it is the peak summer season in Dubai, with the temperature crossing the 45-degree mark, there is no dearth of tourists in this region of the United Arab Emirates. Malls, hotels, restaurants, tourist spots, and roads are choc-a-block.

An epitome of luxury, affluence, and extravagance, Dubai, exudes an aura that makes you feel like royalty. The grandiose airport with its lavish décor lending a sense of glitz and glamour is the first thing you notice as you exit your flight. Of course, there is also a cutting-edge system that streamlines all the procedures.

This was my second trip as a tourist, and I stayed for a week. Otherwise, this Middle eastern city is usually a stop-over — a transit point to take flights to Europe and America.

One of the seven Emirates that constitute the UAE, Dubai is known for its incredible transformation from a small fishing village, and a trading port into a global city and a major international hub for business, tourism, and luxury. The deserts of Arabia have always attracted me — from the picture-perfect golden sand dunes to culture, food, the famous Arabian dance, and mind-blowing architecture.

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I got an opportunity to learn more and delve into the lifestyle of the people of the UAE on this trip; described here in my dubai travel diaries. The rapidly evolving culture is a blend of traditional customs and values, alongside a significant influence of modernization. People in the Emirati community are strongly devout, dress traditionally, and adhere to conventions.

Despite its modernity, Dubai has maintained its cultural heritage. This is apparent in a number of ways :

Traditional markets called the souks give tourists a glimpse into the past and the kind of markets that once existed. Spice, gold, colognes, incense, fabrics, dates, and artifacts are among the things tourists can purchase at these shops.

Experience the distinct heritage of Dubai in the neighborhood of Al Seef. Steeped in history, the vibrant colors of Old Dubai come alive, giving you a chance to discover more about this Arabian city.

You can go shopping, explore the maze-like lanes between the beige-colored buildings, or take a ride on the traditional abra boat at Dubai Creek.

Dubai has morphed into a multicultural society and is home to a diverse population consisting of people from all over the world who come to live and work in the city. A place where you weave a dream and it turns out to be true. This diversity contributes to its cosmopolitan atmosphere.

My Dubai Travel Diary encompasses top tourist destinations, I wouldn’t be listing according to the top-rated attractions, but rather the recently opened ones that are intriguing:

Museum of the Future — I was told, that this fairly new attraction in Dubai is a must-visit and I was absolutely not mistaken. There is a lot of interesting stuff inside in addition to the exteriors, which is eye-catching owing to its distinctive shape and design. Get ready to journey to the year 2071 at the Future Museum. Your journey begins by being escorted in a lift that resembles a spacecraft, taking you to an Orbital space station. This is on the top floor, and from there you can tour the floors below. Tickets priced at 186 dirhams are not very reasonable, but it’s worth it.

Having a photograph clicked with this unique structure in the background is aesthetically pleasing. The highlight of the Future Museum is the viewing deck on the outside, where you get a chance to take photos.

Dubai Frame — Embellishing the skyline is the golden-hued Dubai Frame. This 150-meter-tall rectangular frame-like structure offers breathtaking panoramic views of both old and new Dubai.

It has its two towers connected by a 93-meter-long glass-floored bridge at the top. Walking on this Skydeck is a thrilling experience, as you can see the ground directly below your feet. For me, it was an uncanny feeling, hence people with acrophobia should be cautious.

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As you enter you’ll come across an interactive exhibit and gallery portraying the history of Dubai and before exiting a 3-D show on the future vision of this Arabian metropolis. Tickets priced at 52 dirhams are quite affordable.

A time-saving tip — visit the Dubai Frame after seeing the future museum. As these two are located close by, both can be covered within 4 hours.

Dubai Travel Diaries

Burj Khalifa — the tallest skyscraper in the world knows no introduction. Guests can go up to the 124th & 125th floors or 148th and 154th floors. Then there are prime hours and non-prime hours, for which ticket costs are different.

A host of activities revolve around this iconic landmark that shimmers and sparkles in the night. There is the fountain show happening several times a day, just outside the building. The entire area is exquisitely lit up in the night and dazzles with a light show. Having a room with a view of this towering structure from our hotel (Taj Dubai) was like a feather in the cap and was the most fulfilling experience.

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Dubai Mall — This enormous mall serves as the entrance to Burj Khalifa and is a symbol of luxury and entertainment. You’ll find every high-end luxury brand outlet under its roof. There’s always a lingering fragrance emanating as you walk around, uplifting your spirits.

There’s a wide choice of restaurants and food as well. Finding your way around may not be easy, digital map screens on every floor help tourists navigate. It is not just a shopping center but also features attractions like an ice skating rink, an aquarium, and a waterfall.

Other famous malls in Dubai are the Mall of Emirates and Ibn Batuta.

A string of theme parks, namely, Legoland, Motion Gate, and Aquaventure Water Park are some other attractions to enthrall tourists.

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Helpful Tips :

The currency of Dubai is the Dirham (1 Dirham is equivalent to 0.27 dollars and 23 Indian Rupees)

Taxis are a convenient mode of transportation, though a cheaper option would be the metro. Otherwise, Uber and Careem apps are also popular.

To prevent yourself from the scorching heat always carry water, sunscreen, and an umbrella.

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