On 20 January 2021, The USA got its 46th president of the United States as President Joe Biden took oath and charge of the office. For immigrants in the country and those who might have been interested in adopting the American way of life, this came as a piece of better news and breathed a sigh of relief. Compared to President Donald Trump, President Joe Biden had a distinct viewpoint on immigrants in the US. The United States has a large immigrant population, and with each change in leadership, many new changes take effect, including immigration policies such as new family immigration rules USA, work permits and visa programs that affect millions of people living in America who have left their home country in search of a better future. As an immigrant looking to start a new life in the US, significant policy shifts can be unsettling. Under Joe Biden’s presidency, how have immigration laws changed to better the lives of immigrants? Let’s take a look.

Relaxed Rules for Visa Interviews

Immigrants in the US or those coming to the US find it daunting to go through the personal interview for a US visa, but according to new rules set by The Secretary of State, along with the Department of Homeland Security, certain people who qualify under certain conditions can be eligible for US visa interview waiver and can apply for a visa without having to go to an in-person interview till December 31, 2023. This new rule applies to H-2 Visa Applicants, F, M, and J Visa Applicants and certain temporary visa workers. However, this does not give relief to B1/B2 visa holders and a US visitor visa interview appointment has to be taken by these applicants. Those renewing a visa of the same kind within 48 months after it expired might not need an interview.

Temporary Protected Status Extended

The USA has a program known as Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Under this program, people from certain countries like El Salvador, Honduras, Nepal, and Nicaragua can stay and work in the US on a temporary basis. The Department of Homeland Security has decided to continue TPS for people from El Salvador, Honduras, Nepal, and Nicaragua for another 18 months. This means those who are already valid and benefiting from TPS can go ahead and re-register under this program to keep their status and continue living in the US. This decision was taken after looking closely at the situation in these countries. The US wants to make sure that people who are already living in the US under the TPS program can feel safe and secure. Till the conditions are favorable for them to start their life back in their home countries, people who are already here can stay in the US for a bit longer, considering the situation in their home countries.

Easier Paths to Achieve Green Cards And Work Permits

Under the new US immigration policies, President Biden aims to allow more immigrants into the country and provide a pathway to legal status for unauthorized immigrants already present. The US administration is also making efforts for immigrants in the US to get Green Cards easily in the near future. The proposed changes include an eight-year path to citizenship for around 10.5 million immigrants, easing new rules for Green Card in USA and family-based/ employment-based immigration rules, increasing diversity visas, and helping refugees. There are many contemplations to introduce new rules for work permits in USA as well. While former President Trump sought to restrict immigration, Biden’s approach is more lenient and leans towards the betterment of people looking for a second chance to start their life in better conditions. Under his tenure, the US wants to let families stay together, make it easier for skilled workers to come, and give temporary immigrants a chance to become citizens. Although discussions are ongoing in the Senate, the goal is to create fairer and more accessible immigration rules that benefit both the country and those seeking a better life in the US.

The USA has several cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, to name a few, where a large number of immigrants from around the world settle down and use their intellect, hard work and skills to realize their dreams, in turn ensuring that the USA becomes the world’s most prosperous nation. With such a diverse, multicultural population, it requires dynamic immigration policies, which are currently in place in the USA. However, as a new president is chosen, these policies can change in various ways, sometimes favoring immigrants and sometimes not. Under Joe Biden’s presidency, immigrants are currently benefiting from the new immigration rules in USA. There are some positive changes coming to the US immigration system under the new Biden administration, which will make it fairer and more accessible for many American dream seekers. Take a deep breath and brace yourself because your American dream might be closer than ever.


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