Embrace the spirit of Halloween with these charming handmade gifts, a bargain at under £5! Your loved ones will be delighted with these creatively crafted spooky offerings that capture the ‘spirit’ of Halloween.

From eerie trinkets to cute decor, these budget-friendly treasures are fun with a little bit of scary added in. Explore this collection of imaginative gifts, thoughtfully designed to bring a touch of creepy magic to your holiday season but without breaking the bank.

Girl with pumpkin. Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash.

Here are 9 handmade Halloween gifts under £5:

1. Pumpkin bubbles

Pumpkin bubbles are a cute gift if you want to avoid sugar! They are also great for trick-or-treaters. These Halloween colours are great as you can get them in purple, orange, green or black. Blowing bubbles is always popular with kids as they will love watching them ‘pop’ in the cool Autumn air.

Halloween bubbles, IzzieWizziePartyCo, Etsy

2. Felt pumpkins

Crafted with care and creativity, felt pumpkins encapsulate the essence of autumn. Soft to the touch, these miniature felted gourds make for delightful seasonal decorations or thoughtful gifts. From table centrepieces to mantel displays, these pumpkins bring a cosy, rustic charm to any space.

Felt pumpkins, CraftsByNatalyaStore, Etsy

3. Personalised Clay Ghost Decoration

Elevate a loved one’s Halloween decor with a handmade personalised clay ghost hanging decoration. Stamped with the person’s name to order, this bespoke piece merges spectral charm with sentimental value.

Each sculpted ghost exudes character, as no two are the same! You can also hang them anywhere, such as on a door, window or even a tree!

Personalised clay ghosts, GeorgethebearCrafts, Etsy

4. Pumpkin hot chocolate bomb

Nothing is more hygge for Autumn than a pumpkin hot chocolate bomb! This tasty sphere holds a delightful secret: creamy hot chocolate mix and mini marshmallows in a pumpkin shell. You can choose milk or white chocolate as you wish. As you pour hot water over it, the shell melts away, creating a lovely seasonal treat. It’s the perfect present and ideal companion for chilly evenings!

Pumpkin hot chocolate bomb, aworldofchoc, Etsy

5. Bat window stickers

Make any window into an instant Halloween paradise with these bat decal stickers. These are great for any Halloween enthusiast in your life and they are guaranteed to bring wonder to anyone who passes a decorated window.

With their easy application and removal, you can bring Halloween vibes with a simple touch, turning someone’s windows into portals for a spooky world.

Bat stickers, DecalPlanetUk, Etsy

6. Bat hair clips

Elevate the style of someone close to you with these sparkly bat hair clips. These accessories feature delicately sculpted bat motifs, adding a touch of Halloween mystique to any look.

The design is also versatile enough to complement a range of outfits as well as infuse a dash of gothic charm.

Bat hair clips, RibbonsRoom, Etsy

7. Skull bath bombs

Bring self-care to a spooky new level with these brightly-coloured skull bath bombs. A great gift for children and adults alike, these creepy bath bombs bring a macabre elegance to bathtime. Handcrafted with attention to detail, these bath bombs effervesce in water, releasing the skin-loving ingredient almond oil to relieve dry skin in the colder months. As they dissolve, they release three scents – black oud, sweet vanilla and raspberry slush.

Skull bath bomb set, BeyondBasicBubbles, Etsy

8. Pumpkin earrings

These handmade pumpkin earrings capture the spirit of Autumn and Halloween combined. Made from sterling silver and moulded clay, they are a fabulous addition to any jewellery box. They’re also ideal for all occasions, whether a casual outing or a spooky gathering.

Pumpkin earrings, DaintyFungi, Etsy

9. Ghost pin

Embrace a blend of spooky yet cute charm with this ghost holding flowers pin badge. This exquisite accessory is cradling a bouquet of tiny flowers for a special person in your life. It can bring a touch of otherworldly beauty to any outfit and it’s a great conversation starter at any time of year!

Ghost pin, GreatorexCo, Etsy

I hope these recommendations help you to get into the spirit of Halloween at a budget price!

Share your favourite or recommendations in the comments below.

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