We all know the milestone birthday ages. At 13, you’ve made it to your teenage years, at 16 you’re finally able to drive, and 18 officially means adulthood. But what about age 25? This is the year your car insurance will go down by up to 20%. While it might not be as exciting as finally being a teenager, the money you’ll save is definitely worth celebrating.

While these milestone ages are all the same, each situation is different, and for some, 16 doesn’t necessarily mean you become a driver. In fact, there are many first-time drivers who are well into their 20s. So, what does this mean for the rates of insurance of first-time drivers over 25? Do they get to celebrate the lower rate as well?

We’ll share how those driving for the first time in their mid-20s can get affordable coverage, as well as how to lower your rate even more if you’re an experienced driver in your mid-20s.

Why Insurance Rates Are Higher for First-Time Drivers Over 25

The first step to getting a lower insurance rate is to understand why the rates are higher in the first place. Many factors play into assessing an individual for what type of coverage they will need and ultimately how much they will pay. First-time drivers over 25 are placed into a very specific category.

Typically, your insurance rate will go down when you turn 25 because insurers consider you a lower risk since you have a few years of driving experience. But this isn’t the case if you’ve just gotten your driver’s license for the first time. You lack the experience and proof that you can be a safe driver.

Things To Know if You’re a First-Time Driver Over 25

The best thing you can do as a new driver is shop around for the lowest insurance prices. After deciding on the coverage you need, you can compare prices and packages. 

There are many options for insurance carriers, and of course, they all want to make money. But, as you shop, you’ll want to make sure you are armed with the information that will help you save.

Here are the major factors that can save you money on insurance as a first-time driver over 25:

Age. Your age will have a big effect on your insurance rate. While this is something that is out of your control, you can look for specific insurance companies that don’t penalize as strongly for age.Marital status. Married couples receive better rates than single individuals because they are typically in fewer crashes. If you’re married, be sure to mention this as you shop.Location. Big cities tend to have a more expensive premium because there are more opportunities for crashes and theft. Job. If you’re someone who travels for work a lot and will spend a lot of time behind the wheel, you can expect a higher rate.Car type. A good rule of thumb is the safer the car, the lower your rate. This is one of the most controllable factors for saving money on your insurance.Term of insurance. The length of coverage, whether you opt for temporary car insurance or a full year of coverage, will affect the price.

How To Get a Cheaper Rate as a First-Time Driver Over 25

Knowledge is power, and understanding what can save you money on your insurance is the first step. Doing your research, knowing the above factors, and making wise decisions will help you save in the long run. Try to buy a car that has the cheapest rates to insure and avoid getting too many car modifications.

If you can, pay for your insurance annually instead of monthly. This can end up saving you quite a bit. Do whatever you can to ensure the safety of you and your car. Remember, the safer it is, the less of a risk it is to the insurance company and the cheaper your premium will be.

Sam Timmerman writes and researches for the car insurance comparison site, SureBuyCarInsurance.com. She is passionate about helping others drive safely and save money by getting the best rate on their car insurance.

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