If you are visiting that part of Europe that is carbon neutral and scores high on sustainability, you’ll be rewarded with a perfect, clean, and green getaway like Copenhagen. Copenhagen is a beautiful, bike-friendly city with a rich history and culture. There’s something for everyone here. From world-class museums and art galleries, centuries-old castles and palaces, and delicious food, to charming shops, cafes, and parks.

What to See in Copenhagen

For history buffs  Christianborg Palace and the Rosenberg Castle would be fascinating, giving a walkthrough the lives of Danish royalty. You may feel like skipping them if you’re there for a short time, but these grand places are worth a visit. The center of the Danish Parliament, the Christianborg Palace may not have attractive exteriors, and you may not be much impressed. But once you step inside you’ll find the opulent interiors awe-inspiring.

The most famous touristy spot of Copenhagen is Nyhaven. Once a 17th-century fishing village, is now a dazzling waterfront entertainment zone, with a string of cafes, restaurants, and brightly painted houses. You’ll also come across centuries-old iconic wooden ships at Nyhaven. It’s a pleasure to walk beside the canal and enjoy the views. There are coffee shops with fireplaces that provide hot drinks and offer a haven from the chilly winds outside. Must try is the crispy, layered Danish pastry, which is delicious.

The Little Mermaid – based on a fairy tale written by a Danish author, this bronze statue of the little mermaid sitting on a rock is situated by the waterside at the Langelinie promenade. This is a great photo spot full of tourists.

Another Copenhagen highlight is a guided boat tour of the canal. Find significant historical landmarks on this tour as the guide describes them, while admiring the beauty and listening to engrossing tales from the past. It was interesting to know that the author of the famous story the `Ugly Duckling was a resident of Copenhagen too.

Several modern and historic museums dot the city. We decided on the Design museum which had numerous masterpieces on display.

Getting around is quite easy in the capital of Denmark.  Though there are various modes of transport, like, metro, bus, cab, or even ferry, using a bike is common. Specific tracks on the sides of roads, make it so convenient for cycling. It not just saves fuel but keeps the surroundings free of carbon emissions. Walking around on foot appeals to some as well.

Something that is unpredictable in Copenhagen, like most of Europe is the weather. On the day we arrived it was bright and sunny and as luck would have it, the following day there were incessant rains. Our canal trip was therefore interrupted by showers, but thankfully the boat had a glass roof so we could still take in the scenery.

Considering the erratic weather having raincoats and umbrellas with you is a necessity. Even though it may mean hauling heavier bags, it is preferable than getting drenched in the midst of your vacation.

Currency : Danish Krone

Staying at the centrally located Mayfair Hotel was a pleasant experience. Not only are the rooms comfortable, the food and ambiance is nice as well. As much as we wanted to, because of a shortage of time, missed going to the famous Tivoli Gardens.

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