Homebuyers and renters rave about period properties since they ooze character and sophistication that most modern properties do not. So, if you’ve managed to nab yourself a property with a Victorian terrace – congratulations! You’ve obtained what most homebuyers and renters cite as a ‘must have’, a piece of architecture with historical significance and period beauty.

But this also comes with the fun task of furnishing and decorating your new addition, interweaving vintage style with modern substance. However, if you’ve never had to find the perfect balance between modernism and vintage, you might be searching for some tips and insights into achieving this.

Victorian Terraces. Photo by Martin Sepion on Unsplash

Fortunately, you’re in the right place, as we outline several in our article below.

From increasing storage and functionality and experimenting with a blend of modern and vintage furnishings to playing with different colour schemes and highlighting the period features, there are many ways that you can combine vintage style with modern substance to create a truly unique space. Continue reading to find out more!

Maximise Storage and Functionality

While Victorian houses are trendy in the UK, from stunning townhouses to quaint terraces, they are known for being less spacious than modern houses. Nowadays, British homeowners are looking for properties they can live in comfortably for years and withstand significant life events, hence why space is so important.

While there isn’t much you can do about the spatial limitations of your Victorian terrace (unless you want to pay for a costly expansion!), you can get around these limitations using clever furnishings and storage solutions. From investing in multi-use furnishings to using your vertical space, there are many ways to maximise storage and functionality in your Victorian terrace.

If you’re struggling to maximise storage and functionality, you could consider outsourcing third-party storage solutions like the ones from Safestore. Using their personal storage solutions, you can house everything cluttering your Victorian terrace, enhancing your storage space and functionality. Consider visiting their website to find out more today.

Experiment With Colour Schemes

The Victorians were renowned for their moody, almost gothic tones, which perfectly complemented the period’s features. Even in modern home décor, we haven’t strayed far from this period’s love of dark shades. Yet, our attempts are much more experimental, with many modern homes displaying bold, colourful, patterned colour schemes. So, why not interweave this modern decorative element with vintage style and experiment with adding splashes of colour to your Victorian terrace?

Playing with paint, flooring, or wallpaper is one of the best ways to update your home’s look since it can be easily reversed (and it’s relatively cheap compared to other decorative elements!). You could achieve this by adding rich jewel tones like purples and pinks or earthy green hues like deep greens, oranges, and browns, which will balance the vintage style by adding a modern twist.

Accessorise With A Mixture Of Modern And Vintage Furniture

Another way to balance vintage style and modern substance is by accessorising your Victorian terrace with a mixture of modern and vintage décor. Whether you add a draping vintage-inspired chandelier in your dining room, stylish floating shelving in your living room, a sleek Instagram-worthy bed in your guest room, or a modern coffee table in the entryway, there are loads of ways that you can experiment with modern and vintage furnishings to create a living space that reflects your personal style without taking away any of its historical value.

Ultimately your goal is to modernise your Victorian terrace while preserving its character and maximising its functionality. So look out for furnishings that will compliment the period but add a contemporary look to the pre-existing features without making them look out of place or the new additions look gaudy.

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