Best Places to visit in Brussels

Like how Europe’s old-world charm and modern, chic appeal seamlessly coexist? Your top destination on your bucket list should be Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Not only is Brussels medieval architecture combined with the vibrancy of a metropolitan city attractive, but there is also plenty to do here.

Aside from being famous for waffles, and chocolates, perhaps few would be knowing that Brussels is where cartoon characters like Tintin, Asterix, and Smurf originated. So, if you are a fan of these it would be the ultimate experience. Colourful scenes out of these comic strips brighten up so many dull corners in the city.

The aromas emanating from streets lined with waffle joints draw you like a moth to the flame. Gorge on these delectable, crispy treats; a variety of mouth-watering toppings to select from – fluffy whipped cream, strawberries, blueberries, or chocolate. Knowing that they are not likely to get the chance of having authentic Belgian waffles any time soon, tourists get their fill as long as they are there, often.

And is it possible for the chocolate capital of the world, to be minus a tourist attraction related to it? So, you have a famous chocolate museum, which is one of the best places to visit in Brussels. Where you can participate in chocolate making and tasting these tantalizing delights as well.

Get the most of Brussels

The best way to enjoy the vibe of Brussels is to wander aimlessly, admiring the glorious city, slip into the by-lanes, gazing at the well-maintained authentic structures. After the long walks, sit back and replenish yourselves at any of the grand cafes that have grown in popularity over the years. The trend of having seating arrangements outside the cafe have gained momentum and are ideal spots to lounge, while taking in the views around.

Best Places to visit in Brussels

With brick-lined sidewalks and a collection of Colonial, Federal, and Victorian-style buildings, Brussels is the ideal destination for design & architecture buffs. On the pinnacle is the Grand Palace and is where tourists flock to first.

Tall Gothic and Baroque facades of elaborately crafted guild houses encircle Brussels’ biggest plaza, transporting you back in time. It’s the most glorious 360-degree view of Europe’s perfectly preserved, ostentatious square, which leaves people impressed. Craning up your neck, you’ll find the most realistic & intricately carved statues of divine beings, nobles, saints, and allegorical figurines gazing from rooftops.

Having retained the allure of the prehistoric age is something that unites Europe as a whole and keeps the continent harmonious. Where you can catch a glimpse of their illustrious past and where modern and medieval buildings coexist. Additionally, Brussels has a significant role in modern politics. The European Parliament is headquartered here, and it serves as the main center for the European Union.

Other Attractions

Easily the most recognizable feature of Brussels is the Atomium. The striking structure with its unique design made in the form of a molecule is worth a visit once. Not just for the exteriors but especially the aerial views are breathtaking.

Day trips from Brussels to nearby towns like Antwerp and Bruges, completes tourists trip to Belgium and makes the experience wholesome.



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