In a world full of endless possibilities, isn’t the natural phenomenon of northern lights truly amazing ? These lights, seen in the cold, dark skies of the far north ( countries around the Arctic circle, namely, Norway, Sweden, and parts of Iceland) illuminate the sky with an array of colors, from soft pastels to vibrant hues of green, pink, and purple. Sometimes moving slowly like clouds, sometimes in streaks. Reminding us of never losing our sense of wonder, hope, and awe and of life’s surprises! Read this blog, `The Best Place to see the Northern Lights – Tromso’ for more information on the northern lights – where and how. 

They are visible during the months of September to April in clear, dark, and cloudless skies. Tromso in Norway is a great place to set anchor to enjoy the northern lights. This picture postcard city is accessible by flights from Oslo.  


It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see these intriguing, colorful lights, the ones we specifically travel for. The best way to be introduced to the lights is through a guided tour. There are various options – from group bus tours to private tours, cruises, and boats. Each has its own advantages, tourists can select the best according to their needs. Though small group tours are more flexible. An important word of advice – book the tours in advance as they fill up really fast. 

It is a bit challenging to spot the northern lights, as sometimes they may be hard to find,  requiring optimal weather conditions. Therefore having a skilled guide accompany you is worthwhile. They are experienced in predicting where and when to find the lights and know how to track the weather. Additionally,  making the trip interactive with accounts of their experiences; always hopeful and reassuring of successfully seeing the lights.  

Often, you have to travel far outside the city for great views. This is the reason why it’s called the northern lights `chase’. You have to literally go on a wild goose chase in search of areas where the weather is clear,  skies cloudless, and wait till it’s totally dark to catch those dancing lights. It is the most incredible experience, as the colorful lights shift and swirl, creating an ever-changing canvas of light. This combined with the stars almost seems as though you are being watched by beings from some other world.

Northern Lights

Here are some useful information for a relaxed and easy stay  : 

Usually, tours start late in the evening, after sunset, and can last up to 6 to 7 hours. The duration of the tour depends upon how much longer you want to be there. But, staying awake is what you should be ready for !! 

You have to bear the extreme cold to witness something as captivating as this! The sub-zero temperatures of the outside require you to be well-covered in thermals and winter clothes. Most tours provide thermals and snow boots in case it is not sufficient and offer hot drinks, like, soup, hot chocolate, and light snacks to guests. There’s no better way to be comfortable in the freezing outdoors than to have a fire, which thankfully is arranged by the guides. 


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