Are discount airlines as cheap as they seem?

Answer:  Yes and no.

So that’s very helpful, isn’t it?

Here’s a recent experience.

Driven barmy by two grounded years I decided to go to an airshow in Knoxville, Tennessee, and the National Air Races in Reno, Nevada.

That starts with a flight into LA which local travel agent Flightcentre arranged. They had a special deal with Fiji Airways that got me from Auckland, New Zealand, to LAX for $1096.  The best alternative on-line was around $2100.  So, a good start.

I then asked them to price flights from LA to Knoxville and Knoxville to Reno.

$1150 they said, flying full-service airlines like United and Delta.

I’m much smarter than that! I can do better than that! I checked Skyscanner and flying Allegiant, Spirit and Jet Blue through Las Vegas I could do it for around $580.

Watch out for the “gotcha”… Read more

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