With over 33 million passengers each year, the Philadelphia airport has made significant progress in providing options to eat and shop to passengers before their flights or during layovers. If you are a frequent flyer, you must have, at some point in your life, had a long layover during your connecting flights. Having to be at an airport waiting for your next flight can be extremely monotonous unless you know how to keep yourself occupied.

Nowadays, people spend hours on end at airports and for stays longer than 8 hours, it is almost impossible for anyone to spend their time without eating anything. The Philadelphia airport is one of the largest airports in the country, covering a ground space of 2,584 acres. This can bring about further challenges to people who want to look for specific places that are not too far from their departure gates. It can also be difficult for someone to find restaurants according to their preferences and likings. Some people may also be on a budget and would like to go to places which are not too expensive and have a decent variety of things to eat and drink. Individuals who are seeking shops to buy souvenirs and gifts for their friends and family may also need guidance about where to look. Therefore, researching about the shops and restaurants beforehand is essential, so that you can save yourself a lot of time and money.

The Philadelphia marketplace consists of about 170+ shops and restaurants. These are spread out across a total of 7 terminal buildings, divided in 7 concourses. Terminal A is divided into Concourse A-West and Concourse A-East. Following that, we have terminal B-F, consisting of Concourse B-F.

It is easy to get from one terminal to the other and there is a shuttle service that takes you from terminal A-East or terminal C to terminal F every five minutes. If you choose to walk between the terminals, you will be dazzled by the historical displays of art throughout the airport where you can also see what the airport looked like in the past and how people used to walk out to their flights on the runways in the 1940s, amongst other things.

Each concourse has a variety of options to eat and drink, ensuring that travellers are easily able to find what they are craving for. You can also find hotels to your likings if your layover is longer. The hotels provide you with your own private space and everything that you would need to feel at home including a couch, TV and a desk. Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport and you can connect to it without any issues for the day since the Philadelphia airport has the second largest Wi-Fi capacity in the U.S.

Concourse A-West

Au Bon Pain: 

Being an authentic American bakery, founded in Boston in 1977, it provides travelers with delicious bakery items. It can also be found in Concourse C, Concourse E and Concourse F. You can find great options for breakfast here, which is available throughout the day. The coffee is decent here and you can choose from multiple options. You should especially look out for their salads and breads and you have the option to make your own sandwich. There are also refrigerated options which include a cup of fruit and yogurts.


Those who would like to look at a range of electronic items for their own use or choose a gift for their loved ones, can shop here at Brookstone where you can find a range of items from kitchen accessories to audio and tech. If you are looking for interesting and unique electronic stuff, this should be your go-to place.

Chickie’s & Pete’s: 

If you are looking for a delicious chicken steak, this place is highly recommended. You can also find it in Concourse C, Concourse D and the connector of Concourse D and E. They also have a bar where you can order an ice-cold beer, which most people like to have with their famous Crab Fries.

Dunkin’ Donuts: 

Available in Concourse A-West and D, Dunkin’Donuts still has a large customer base and you can always find people ordering a nice cup of coffee along with their donuts. If you are looking to eat something light and kill some time at the airport, this could be your perfect spot.


Who doesn’t love a delicious, cheese-filled burger? Smashburger has an exquisite set of options that are going to leave you breathless. They even include vegetarian options and if you are looking for something spicy, the Spicy Jalapeno burger is on the top of the list. You can also choose various types of Fries and a milkshake to go with your burger. Also, if you are in a hurry, the serving is quick, and you can get a take-away.

Maki of Japan: 

If you love Japanese food and are not looking to spend a whole lot of money, this could be your perfect stop. Located in Concourse A-West and Concourse E, Maki of Japan serve a variety of meat dishes including shrimp. You can also find vegetarian options here. Also, they have some great sushi rolls which can be ordered with some side servings of vegetables, soup or a salad. The tofu mix is a must if you are looking for something that does not contain meat. Though it is not their primary focus, you can also get a decent breakfast here including eggs and croissants.

Good 2 Go: 

Often, we need to stop quickly at a shop and grab some snacks before we head off to our terminal or towards the gate to catch our flight. This shop provides you with a range of selection from sweets, sandwiches, drinks and fruits.

Concourse A-East

Currito Burrito: 

Are you looking for something healthier? Would you like to customize your own burrito and salads? Then this is the place for you. A globally inspired food chain, Currito Burrito can provide you with the flexibility of adding what you want in your burrito. Moreover, you can enjoy a large salad at a very reasonable price. The Teriyaki Chicken is highly recommended and ordering it along with a smoothie really sums up the meal. You can find this grab and eat place in Concourse D as well.

Jack Duggan’s Pub & Restaurant: 

A great example of an Irish pub can be found here in Concourse A-East. The bar has been extremely popular and a few years ago, the airport converted a part of the waiting area into a lounge for this bar. If you are feeling hungry, the cheesesteak is a popular choice along with mashed potatoes.

Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen: 

If you are longing for a pizza, this Italian restaurant does a perfect job in providing you with authentic Italian taste. The slices are filled with delicious toppings and you are most likely to come back here again. The service is fast so even if your flight is in the next hour, you will be able to receive your order well before that.


This is another great option for people who are looking for healthier options and do not intend to have a complete meal. The prices are reasonable, and the best part is that you can design your own salad. You can also have a decent breakfast here, including soups and panini.

Concourse B

Germantown Biergarten: 

If you have ever heard of the Germantown neighborhood in Philadelphia, then you would love to spend your time here. You can find a comforting place to sit here and they are known to have great beer, making your time even more memorable. You can place your orders via the iPads placed on the tables and there is also a television for those interested in sport events.

Independence Prime:

With their electronic menus, delightful steaks and a bar right next to the restaurant where you can order your beers, this place should be a must visit if you are looking to have a proper meal before your flight. They also provide you with the facility to charge up your devices. The prices might be a little high, but the food makes up for it completely.

Guava & Java: 

Created in 1997, this café does an amazing job in serving travelers with the local taste by getting their products from the local farms and dairies. You should try out the baguette, which does not take long and should leave you satisfied.

Concourse C

Aldo Lamberti Trattoria: 

The restaurant was formed by the owners of Philly’s Positano Coast and serves incredible pizzas and salads. You can also help yourself with sandwiches, pasta and breakfast, if you wish. The pizzas are a classic representation of the authentic Italian pizza places. With their crispy crusts, great toppings and the perfect cheese filled servings, you will have a great time here.


Have you had a long flight and have shoulder and back pains? Do you have a lot of luggage to carry and your back won’t allow you to? Then this spa will provide you with all the comfort that you need. Additionally, their chairs provide you with additional relaxation which you can control with the remote provided. The service is extremely friendly, and they allow you to spend the time in the chair even after the massage has finished, so the time spent before your flight is filled with relaxation and ease.

Burrito Elito: 

Would you like to have great Mexican food? Are you craving for a burrito or a taco? Then this is the place for you. The staff is customer friendly and the burrito can be purchased at a great price, considering that it is in an airport. The cheese enchiladas are highly recommended as well.

Concourse D

Bar Symon: 

The restaurant was opened by the famous chef Michael Symon who serves his award-winning Fat Doug burger here, amongst other eateries. The setting of the restaurant is incredible, and you can charge your devices plus keep tabs on your flight. The staff is extremely friendly and will help you decide your perfect meal. You can also ask the staff to prepare gluten-free buns for you and there are organic options available.

Stellar News: 

For people who are looking to catch up with the daily news or read a magazine to spend their time before the flight, this is where you can find a ton of reading material. They also have packaged foods and snacks.

Concourse E

Pennsylvania Market: 

This market provides you with the perfect opportunity to get souvenirs for your friends and family before you head towards your flight. You can also find clothing options tailored to the Philadelphia region here.


Another popular Italian food chain can be found here for all those Italian food lovers. They also serve a breakfast menu and you can find pasta here as well. Their pizza, however, is what you should try if you want to get a good glimpse of what the restaurant is all about.

Concourse F

Le Bus Café: 

Also available at the Concourse B and C connector, this café is well known for its fresh bread. All sorts of bakery items are available here, including pastries, baguettes, bagels and a variety of sandwiches. It is also an excellent place to grab a coffee, and they offer caramel lattes which are hard to find elsewhere.

Tony Luke’s: 

Hands down the best option if you would like to have a cheesesteak, this restaurant provides the true taste of South Philly. You can customize your sandwich with the stuff that you like and order crispy fries to go with your meal. With the friendly service, the properly proportioned food and their delicious sandwiches, you are most likely to visit the restaurant again on your next trip.

Besides everything that is mentioned above, you are sure to find other restaurants and shops at the Philadelphia airport as well. It is one of those places where you can spend hours on end without getting irritated by flight delays or long waiting hours. The airport provides you with everything that you need to spend your time comfortably. In fact, there are people who love coming to the airport and try their best to get their connections routed through Philadelphia.

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