Traveling can be fun if services at the airport are up to the mark. Spending time at the airport is very cumbersome. But at the same time, you feel excited going to the airport if the airport you are going to provides services like free Wi-Fi, yoga rooms, great food, beverage shops, retail stores, comfortable terminals, and efficient security. Other factors to be considered are the timeliness of flights and ease of access to the city center, transportation costs, public transportation options, and the time taken to reach the airport. Let us take a look at the list of international airports in USA (in no particular order).

But before that, you need to remember that a foreign national traveling to the United States of America must possess a US visa. One can apply for different types of US visas. For tourism, a foreign national needs a US visit visa, also called the B-2, unless qualifying under the visa waiver program.

1) Portland International Airport (PDX)

Portland Internation AirportImage Credit: flickr

Portland International Airport is the largest airport in the state of Oregon, with 20 million travelers traveling to and from the airport. This airport, located 10 miles northeast of downtown Portland, is conveniently connected to the city center and next to Columbia and Williamette rivers. Portland Airport’s famous carpet with geometric red, navy, and purple lines crisscrossing on a teal background, installed in the 1980s, has acquired a cult following. Travelers love the airport for its convenience to travel from the city, rail connections to downtown, Wi-Fi, tax-free shopping, amenities provided, and great local food and drink (microbrews, craft spirits) options. Portland International Airport is a hub of Alaska airlines. Internationally, you can fly direct to PDX from Frankfurt, Toronto, Vancouver, British Columbia, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Calgary.

2) Denver International Airport (DEN)

Denver International Airport (DEN)Image Credit: flickr

Denver International Airport is a gateway to the Rocky Mountains West. Colorado’s only international airport and global gateway to Colorado, since its opening on Feb 28, 1995, Denver International Airport has become the fifth busiest airport in the US, recording 58.3 million passengers in 2016. It is the largest airport in the US, spread across 13,726 hectares. This airport has non-stop services to over 20 international destinations and direct flights even to international locations such as Reykjavik and Iceland. The Jeppesen Terminal is host to the airport’s iconic peaked roof, which imitates the snowcapped Rocky Mountains. Denver International Airport is always reaching new culinary heights, and each Concourse A, B, and C offer a wide selection of more than 140 food and drink options along with shopping.

3) Tampa International Airport (TPA)

Tampa International Airport(TPA))

As a gateway to Tampa Bay, the airport serves more than 19 million passengers annually. TPA has embarked on renovations, modernizations, and expansions. Due to its well-planned improvements, you can get through security without any hassles, and the overall cleanliness is the reason that TPA is ranked as one of the best airports in the US. As per its expansion developments, 60000 square feet of usable space, enough to fit a football field, is added. Four new outdoor terraces provide places for passengers to relax, enjoy the breeze, and view the sunset of Florida’s Gulf Coast. There is a central area for shops, family zones, workspace for business travelers, public art, and comfortable lounge seating. The design integrates the soft colors of Tampa’s beaches and bay and the lush green of the local flora.

4) San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

San Francisco AirportImage Credit: flickr

The San Francisco Airport, located 13 miles south of Downtown San Francisco, is one of the busiest airports in the United States of America. It is a major flight point for flights to Europe and Asia. The passenger traffic is huge mainly because it is the only international platform serving the entire Bay Area of the Western US. Even though there are four terminals and 115 gates, it becomes impossible to manage the traffic with ease. The airport provides world-class facilities to its patrons, from museums, Sky Terrace, Xpress Spa, Yoga, Kid’s area, and Christian Science reading room to shopping for luxury brands, designer boutiques, and gift shops featuring local souvenirs. The airport provides a range of options from sit-down restaurants, cafes, delis, and wine bars.

5) Miami International Airport (MIA)

Miami International Airport

Sprawled over 3230 acres, the Miami International Airport is the best airport for international travelers. The MIA offers more flights to the Caribbean and Latin American countries than any other US airport. The facilities in the airport include fine dining restaurants to duty-free shops. Explore the interactive, mobile-friendly maps to easily find your way to all the MIA shops and restaurants. The airport also houses a luxury Airport Hotel. The Miami-Dade County Commission in June 2019 adopted a new capital improvement program at the Miami International Airport that will fund modernization projects over the next fifteen years. The program includes looking after the airport’s future capacity, renovate Concourse D gates, and the most recently completed capital improvement project, the fully-automated baggage handling system.

6) John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

John F. Kennedy International Airport is the fifth busiest airport in the US, serving around 60 million passengers annually, situated approximately 15 miles from the city of Manhattan. As a popular airport staple, duty-free shops in JFK allow passengers an opportunity to buy goods like watches, sunglasses, and jewelry. There are places to shop for high-end brands like Cartier, Michael Kors, and Bvlargi for leather goods, fashion, and travel accessories. Jabbrrbox, an automated retail lounge, is a technology-equipped workspace for people who need a better environment to work. The Air train, which connects the subway system of New York City and the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), keeps the JFK airport accessible to the city people.

7) Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)Image Credit: flickr

The Los Angeles International Airport is the main gateway to Los Angeles, California. Among the busiest airports in the world, LAX is part of a system of three Southern California airports. For the US airline industry, Los Angeles International Airport is a hub for American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Airlines, and Jet Blue. The LAX is known for its comfortable airport lounges, duty-free shops, eateries, and free Wi-Fi. The New Delta Sky Club in Terminal 3 features an indoor/outdoor double bar, showers, a Sky deck, and views of the iconic Hollywood Hills. The shuttle bus available at the entrance of each terminal leaves every ten minutes, making it easier for passengers to travel around the airport.

8) Washington (Dulles) International Airport (IAD)

The Dulles International Airport is among the three major airports in the Baltimore – Washington metropolitan area. There are 113 gates and three terminals for managing the passenger traffic, serving more than 15 million passengers in 2021. A hub for Southern Airways Express and United Airlines, there are lounges of British Airways, Air France, Etihad, Lufthansa, United Airlines, and many more. There is a good range of fast food and dining options, including Dunkin’ and The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck, business class lounges, kids’ play area, shower facilities, nursing rooms, a sleep box, and a chapel. The Dulles International Airport does not have any onsite hotels. However, you can rest at the sleep box lounge, consisting of 16 soundproof rooms.

The other international airports in the USA include The Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, Orlando International Airport, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, and the Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport. Several factors come together to make for a good airport. An airport experience can signal the beginning of a wonderful trip. By examining the bargains sent by airports to their customers, many other international airports in USA, apart from the ones mentioned above, are equally popular and offer world-class facilities.

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