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If you have been longing to find a way to connect to your Italian roots, one of the best ways is to start planning a trip to Italy. We have some handy tips to help you prepare for an Italy family vacation so that you can make the most of your time in Italy by helping you plan where to go, what to see and to stay. We can answer that last question by directing you to Vacation Perfect. We have vacation rentals in Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Venice, the Amalfi Coast, and Emilia-Romagna. Here are some fun and exciting locations for an Italy family vacation for exploring your Italian heritage.

  • Rome is a beautiful city, and it happens to be a great city to walk. Go on a walking tour of the city while you are here to see some of the most critical spots.
  • Visit Rome’s ancient baths, the Terme di Caracalla, where you can explore the ruins or attend an outdoor opera. It’s a popular attraction and a unique place to learn some history of Rome.
  • Walk along the Circo Massimo. It’s over 600 meters long and 140 meters wide, but most importantly, you’ll be walking along with storied history.
  • Florence also has incredible walking tours through the city. You’ll be treated to panoramic views. We suggest seeking out the Museo Stefano Bardini and Bardini Gardens. If you have the chance to be in Florence in June at the right time, you might be able to catch a game of Calcio Storico in Florence. It’s an exciting and vital game to the city’s history.
  • Tuscany is magnificent, especially during the autumn months. You could easily visit cities like Florence, Siena or Pisa. If you would like taste your history instead, we recommend visiting some great wineries in Italy. There are some stunning views and delicious wine to find all over Italy.

Find Yourself In Italy

When you touch down in Italy with your family for vacation, you will be able to sense the beginning of an exciting new adventure. These travel tips should give you a great starting point to help you tackle planning for your journey to connect with your Italian roots. Go solo or bring the whole family and make it a family bonding trip. Check with Vacation Perfect for the most beautiful vacation rentals for you and your family. Our travel blog has many more resources to learn about what to see and things to do in Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Venice, Amalfi, and Emilia-Romagna. Get in touch with us on our website or call 1-888-520-2087 to learn about renting a vacation apartment or villa in Italy.

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