Exploring Ancient Site of Italy – Pompei
If you are looking to explore more of Italy rather than confining to key places like Rome or Venice, then the seaside getaway of Naples & Pompei is where you should head to. Tourists can easily cover the twin cities in one day and plan it as a day’s to and fro trip. Thanks to the wonderful rail system in this continent, travel time from Rome to Naples is 2.5 hours.


An archaeological site, Pompei reveals the tragic story of a prosperous city buried under volcanic ash thousands of years ago. It was in the year 79 AD, the town marred by misfortune and destroyed by the volcanic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Today it’s  a prominent archaeological site, that draws thousands of visitors. As you step into the ancient city, you can imagine and feel for yourselves the devastation the citizens would have witnessed.
Ancient Site Pompei
Set aside at least three hours for a tour  of this historic site. It’s ideal to hire a guide to know the detailed history of Pompeii. Check for authorized guides only, identified by a badge they wear.  Even though it may not be very reasonably priced (100-120 euros for a personal guide), it’s better to spend that much rather than exploring on your own and getting lost !

Exploring Ancient Site of Italy – Pompei

On reaching the impressive main entrance, Porta Marina, our guide led us to the `Terme Suburbane’ where you’ll come face to face with things least expected – saunas, hot rooms and swimming pool. Isn’t it marvelous that people in those days too were fond of a lavish lifestyle? Moreover, the paintings on the walls revealing people’s taste in art and creativity.  
Ancient City Pompei
It’s intriguing to find so many similarities between our contemporary times and the way of living in that era. Such luxuries existed even in those times!
Towards the right stands the Temple of Venus dating to the 1st  century within a vast open area. Apparently religious congregations happened in this square. The oldest known Roman amphitheater is in Pompei. It’s walls depicting paintings of combat scenes and victory celebrations.
Ancient City Pompei
At the intersection of Pompeii’s main street is the ancient square, that had an open market. Our enthusiastic guide shared detailed information about the food habits, shopping, lifestyle of the people. 
Had it not been for our guide, it would have been difficult to decipher the ruined remains of an ancient city ourselves. It is impossible to explore on your own, therefore taking the services of a guide is a necessity in Pompei. 
Top Tips
Wear comfortable shoes. There is a lot of walking around on uneven grounds and pebbled pathways.
Ancient Site Pompei
Be sun protected – sunscreen, goggles or hat.
It takes up to 3 hours to complete the tour of Pompeii, so have that much time with you.
If you are keen to visit Mt. Vesuvius, you need more time. The towering peak  is an hour’s bus ride away from Pompeii and is visible from here. So if you are staying for more than a day, this trip is possible. 

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