List of Things to Carry While Traveling to Hill Stations

Though quick travel programs decided at a short notice are exciting, occasionally. We cannot take chances for every trip, being prepared in advance assures an untroubled holiday. It makes life much easier if you gather information and plan things out before traveling.   

This blog is about points to be taken care of before a trip to hillside getaways, like, Munnar, Kodaikanal or Ooty, things to be carried and mistakes not to make. 

How to manage meals while on the go? 

Tourists may not find the choicest of restaurants or popular fast-food joints in these places. As such it is highly recommended to have meals in the hotel where you are staying. Packinging some of your favourite eatables could be an option, if you are very particular about food. Another way to handle that is to eat a proper, hearty breakfast before venturing out for the days sightseeing. As you never know which location you would be in during lunch time and what food you’ll find there. Even if you pick up munchies and snacks when hunger pangs hit, it would see you through till dinner time. 

Things to Carry

One mistake to avoid is  not to stuff yourselves with food immediately before commencing the journey upwards into the mountains or when descending. Have a light meal and wait for a short while if possible. 

Which are the spots to skip visiting? 

If you’re planning to visit any tourist sites on the outskirts, situated at a distance from the main town, it’s better to find out whether it is worth going all the way and also condition of the roads. From my own experience of going to a waterfall in Munnar, named Ripple. After traversing half the distance, found ourselves in the middle of nowhere! The roads were inaccessible, and we were informed by another traveler also returning, that there was hardly any water in the falls, and it wasn’t worth seeing. Moreover, only jeeps could  go on that narrow, rocky path, so it was best that we ditched the idea and went back . The moral is to do your homework well, gather information to avoid disappointments!   

Things to Carry

As these mountains are not at a very high altitude, (up to 3000 meters above sea level maximum), the weather is not extremely cold or snowy. 

What are the list of Things to Carry While Traveling to Hill Stations ?

  •  Light jackets, preferably water proof ones. The rains are quite unpredictable and frequent in these places, therefore having umbrellas is a must.  
  • The uneven terrain and slippery walkways require wearing sturdy walking shoes with non-slippery soles. Don’t forget to keep an extra pair. 
  • Medicines, especially for motion sickness. Extra throwaway bags must be handy inside the car for immediate use.  

What else visitors should know? 

People coming from outside Kerala by a hired taxi, have to take a permit from the regional transport office to be allowed entry into Munnar. Coimbatore is the place where you can get it, and this process may take up to half an hour. So, make sure that you take this route and not any other route. Sometimes there maybe delays also, so keep that in mind. Further ahead, checking is mandatory at the Annamalai forest reserve check post for security reasons. Travelers just need to be careful and answer the questions asked.  

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