I watched the talk ‘The real reason I travelled to 196 countries’ by Cassie De Pecol on the TEDxMileHigh channel for learning listening skills. Cassie is a high-speed traveller around the world and broke the Guinness record.

At first, I thought she wanted to show off the achievements of her travels in her speech, but then I realised that she had suffered from depression and had started travelling to help her overcome it. She ended her speech by saying that “Nothing else matters but the next step you take and the respect and growth that you owe to yourself.“, which I felt was similar to what I wrote in my previous blog post ‘Take One Step Forward‘. Nevertheless, I’m envious that she was able to travel to 196 countries.

New Word

  • no one in their right mind … #used to say that someone must be stupid or crazy to do something
  • pull something off > to succeed in doing something difficult or unexpected
  • expedition > an organized journey for a particular purpose
  • endeavour > an attempt to do something new or difficult
  • would not # someone refused strongly to do something
  • exhilarate > to give someone strong feelings of happiness and excitement
  • drape > to put something such as cloth or a piece of clothing loosely over something
  • tranquillity > a peaceful, calm state, without noise, violence, worry, etc.
  • compound > an area that contains a group of buildings and is surrounded by a fence or wall
  • nonchalantly > behaving calmly and not seeming interested in anything or worried about anything
  • I wouldn’t trade these experiences for the world. # Nothing could replace that experiences.
  • misconception > an idea that is wrong because it has been based on a failure to understand a situation
  • depress > to cause someone to feel unhappy and without hope
  • shove > to push someone or something forcefully
  • I hit rock bottom. #I reach the point where I am so unhappy and without hope that I could not feel worse.
  • pull out > to leave or no longer be involved in something

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