You have probably heard of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, but have you thought of visiting them all? Checking that off your bucket list would be pretty awesome!

Some people don’t even allow themselves to dream about touring the famous 7 because they believe that would be too difficult a goal to achieve. That’s not the big picture, though, you can visit them, maybe not all at once, but the trips shouldn’t feel too daunting because, in reality, they are doable.

Just to jog your memory, the 7 Natural Wonders of the World are:

  1. Mount Everest
  2. Victoria Falls
  3. Northern Lights
  4. The Harbor of Rio de Janeiro (or Guanabara Bay)
  5. Paricutin Volcano
  6. The Grand Canyon
  7. The Great Barrier Reef

You might not be living near any of them, but you’re sure to be in the same continent as at least one of them, so visiting that one could be the easiest way to start this journey.

Mount Everest

Mount Everest is in Asia, in the Himalayan Mountain range that borders Nepal, China, and other Asian countries, and is the tallest peak in the world. Everest provides some of the most stunning and impressive landscapes that should be seen and experienced at least once in a lifetime.

Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls are in Africa, in between two countries, Zimbabwe and Zambia. They are considered the largest waterfall on Earth, and if you visit during the rainy season, you’ll get the best spectacle for those selfies.

Northern Lights

You’re in luck with the Northern Lights, as they’re the only natural wonder you can see from multiple locations in the world. You can find these mesmerizing lights in Finland, Sweden, and Norway, all in mainland Europe, but they’re also viewable from Iceland, Greenland, Canada, and even Alaska.

The Harbor of Rio de Janeiro

The Harbor of Rio de Janeiro is in South America, in Brazil, and is the largest natural bay in the world, despite being believed to be a river when it was discovered. Its soft shapes and natural curves clash against the city’s concrete jungle but deserve to be admired, nonetheless.

Paricutin Volcano

The Paricutin Volcano is in Central America, in Mexico, and it’s the most recent volcano in the world, nowadays dormant. You can hike up to the top and see the now hardened lava.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is located in North America, in the United States, and is most likely the one natural wonder everyone has a mental image of. This canyon is famous for its deep rusty colors, breathtaking views, and killer sunsets. Missing it is not an option, so be sure to find some Grand Canyon National Park tours to book your trip.

The Great Barrier Reef

Last but not least, the Great Barrier Reef, situated in Australia, is the only natural wonder you can’t walk up to, but through diving, snorkeling, or boating, you’ll be able to find this colorful beauty. It’ll take your breath away, quite literally.


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