Looking for a destination to visit with your family? If yes, then we have got you covered as this bitesize article is all about the best destinations you can enjoy with your family.

Nowadays, most destinations are easy to travel to with your family, but some points make your holiday a whole new experience. Such places welcome your kids with open arms and a lot of warmth. Note that whenever you are traveling somewhere new with your kids, make them learn to greet in their language. For sure, a hello with a smile goes a long way!

These eight best family holiday destinations worldwide cover most things you need to enjoy, like beaches, family adventures, all-inclusive family holidays, cheap family holidays, and many other things. Here we have tried to include all the best vacation destinations so you can find something that suits your family the best.


gray concrete building under blue sky

Mexico is an ultimate choice for families who like to go on a leisurely but varied holiday with spicy food hints. It is ideal for all age group kids too. Mexico is a playground for young and old kids. You will see a rich culture with historic buildings, buzzing family attractions, and relaxing spots all over Mexico. For a kid-friendly getaway, you should consider staying on the most famous coastline of the country, the Riviera Maya. The visit to water-based parks, fun museums, and impressive Maya keeps you and your kids thoroughly entertained and engaged.

Sri Lanka

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Over the years, Sri Lanka has been getting popular as a holiday vacation spot because of its wide beaches, wildlife spotting opportunities, and colonial tea estates. It is one of the beautiful hill countries, and it is a complete package on a small island. Going to Sri Lanka with all your family members is easy and fun, as this is an opportunity for you to enjoy a varied itinerary. The people of Sri Lanka welcome all tourists wholeheartedly. The people are extremely hospitable, and they love kids.

South Africa

bay boats cape town cityscape
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A visit to South Africa is best for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday experience. It is an ideal holiday place for older kids and teens. South Africa is full of unique experiences that you and your kids will keep with them for a lifetime. Regardless of being an animal lover, visiting Safari as you visit the country is a must. It is one of the very few places worldwide where you can see elephants, giraffes, and lions in the wild. South Africa is all about the outdoors that ranges from grasslands to mountains. Spending your holiday in South Africa will be the super active and busy family time you will have.


petra entrance with a view
The incredible views of Petra

Jordan is full of adventure from the beginning to the end. It has one of the seven new wonders of the world. Petra in Jordan is the best place to explore for kids. Do you know, the Wadi Rum desert is the closest place on earth to a Martian landscape? It would be great to spend a night under the stars in a Bedouin tent and explore the desert by a jeep. Plan your ten-day holiday in Jordan to see all the main sights like Petra, Jerash, Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea, and the red sea. It would be great to self-drive in Jordan as the roads are smooth with all the signs posted.


Giants Causeway

Visiting Ireland is excellent for families uncovering historical treasures in epic natural surroundings. It is pretty ideal for kids aged 10 to 18. Do you want a holiday that is wholly inspired by nature? If yes, then Ireland is perfect for you and your family. The options are endless as you can do a lot of different adventures like rafting, hiking, visiting ancient castles or cliffs by the seaside. Indeed, your kids will enjoy the scenery changes and play the role of explorer. If you are tired of your daily country life, then a trip to the capital of Ireland, Dublin, makes an exciting experience.


London Eye Long Exposure Shot
London Eye By Night

Things are all about staycations these past couple of years and a holiday to the UK with your family will be great. It’s a fact that big cities, on the whole, get expensive but London is great to go on a trip with your family because there are a lot of incredible free things you can do there. You can enjoy family-friendly restaurants, local markets, the Tower of London, the most inspiring castles in England, and take advantage of budget airlines flying out of the London airports.


picture of eiffel tower
Paris, France

All around Europe, France is one of the best family destinations because it has everything to enjoy. It has excellent beaches, food, mountains, and it is pretty close to the UK if you want to explore more. France is great in the summer season because it gives you everything you want to enjoy with your family.

Sussex in England

flower field under sunset
Sussex Countryside

Looking for something closer to home? Sussex is a great choice if you want a quick coastal or countryside treat. It is an ideal place for babies, toddlers, and young kids. Traveling to a foreign country is undoubtedly a bit stressful with your little kids. However, it’s pretty lucky that staycations are still here to travel now. Sussex is close to London with the diversity of the country. The place gives you easy access to everything for your family. It is a relaxing place with the seaside and bustling coastal towns for you to enjoy.

Final Words

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If you found the perfect destination for your 2022 holiday, then make sure to find an excellent place to stay there too. It is essential because you are with your whole family. Hopefully, this blog will help give ideas for a perfect holiday destination for your family. 

Author Bio: Jessica Watson has been writing for websites and blogs for the last five years; currently, she is the Marketing Manager at Regal Airport Cars London. They provide the best London Airport Taxi Service. You can follow her story on her Twitter https://twitter.com/iamjessiwatson

If you are looking to get away anywhere in the world this year please be sure to get in touch and let me help get you to your dream break away!

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