The dazzling never-ending stretch of Rann of Kutch’s magnificent salt deserts is the ideal winter holiday location. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you should take advantage of at least once. Rann Utsav is an annual celebration where you may get a glimpse into the very soul and spirit of Gujarati culture. In this blog, you will get to know all things about Rann Utsav so that you can plan your trip to this wonder marvel seamlessly.

Rann of Kutch
Rann Utsav Entrance

Everything is set in the romantic and surreal vibes of a moonlit setting, whether it’s a Gujarati folk dance, a camel safari across huge stretches of white salt desert, a tent stay, or live musical performances. PM Shri Narendra Modi, who envisioned the Utsav, founded the Rann Utsav in 2006. Since then, the yearly festival has made a name for itself on the global tourism map.

What Permits you need to visit Rann of Kutch?

Permits are necessary for entry into the Rann of Kutch.

Because the Rann of Kutch shares a border with Pakistan, visitors must obtain a permit to enter. The permit can easily obtained from the Bhirandiyara village checkpoint, which is only 55 kilometres from Bhuj.

You must also provide a photocopy of your ID as well as the original. The cost is fairly low, with an adult paying INR 100 and a youngster paying INR 50. Indians can easily apply for a Rann of Kutch permit online.

Please keep in mind that the checkpoint is closed during the winter.

Where is the Great Rann of Kutch?

Tent city Rann Utsav

At the top of the Kutch district, the Great Rann of Kutch extends north to the Tropic of Cancer. Bhuj is the closest city to this white sand desert. Dhordo, 86 kilometers from town, is being developed by the Gujarat government as the Gateway to the Rann.

How to reach Rann of Kutch?

Nearest Airport : Bhuj Airport. From the Bhuj, you can take auto or taxi to reach Rann of Kutch where the grand Rann Utsav is held

Nearest Railway Station: The nearest rail head to Rann of Kutch is Bhuj junction that is about at 104 km away and it is going to take about 2 hours in reaching there

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When to visit the Rann Utsav?

The Rann Utsav normally begins in November and ends around February. The full moon days that fall during this season are the optimum time to visit the Rann of Kutch for the festival. During the Rann of Kutch Festival, the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd. has flawless arrangements for hotel, transportation, sightseeing, and cuisine.

Where to Stay for Rann Utsav?

Dhordo’s tent city contains 400 air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned tents arranged in clean white rows. There are Swiss and Luxury tent alternatives, as well as homestays in adjacent towns, traditionally made bungalows, and a variety of pleasant hotels and resorts.

Stay in Rann of kutch
Tent city

The tent city is the finest site to capture the complete Rann of Kutch festival experience. It includes a 24-hour supply of hot water, room heaters and air conditioners to battle the harsh temperatures, a marketplace, and two dining halls, making it quite efficient and easy to stay.

Things to do at Rann Utsav

Take Part in a Cultural Festival: Attending the cultural fiesta with traditional artists from all across Gujarat is one of the most exciting things to do at the great Rann of Kutch festival 2021. They perform practically everywhere and at all times. You can actually carry out your visions of a desert bonfire while dancing to the melodies of true folk music, the zeal of which stretches beyond all things to do.

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Watch the mesmerizing Sunset at White Rann: Watching sunset at the Rann of Kutch is one of the top things to do at the Rann Utsav. Photographers flock the desert around this time to watch the flaming sun set into the white salt dunes. The hues and the calmness….you feel it in your bones.

Visit the local villages to explore the art and craft industry: Do visit the nearby villages of Bhirandiyra, Khavda, and Gandghi-Nugam as they arrange workshops for amazing handcrafted textile and fabrics.

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Things to buy:

  • Rogan Art: Oil based painting.
  • Copper Bells.
  • Lacquer.
  • Embroidered garments with mirror-work.
  • Chunky silver jewellery.
  • Gold Jewelry.
  • Bandhini sarees or dupattas.
  • Ajrakh block printing shawls

Relish the Kutchi delicacies at Rann Utsav: This is a necessity because the fantastic cuisine options here are exactly what you need to make your visit memorable. We have a sense the organizers are devoted foodies who understand the needs of ravenous appetites and hungry taste receptors. Two magnificent dining halls serve delectable real Kutchi cuisine. Furthermore, there are food stands open at all hours of the night to satisfy hunger.

You must try: Bajra and milk are staple foods in the villages, as is bajara na rotla with curd and butter milk.

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Tours for Sightseeing and Adventure: The Rann Utsav offers a diverse selection of experiences. A DPV can be used for a solitary journey through the desert (Desert Patrol Vehicle). Another thrilling activity to look out for is a desert safari. There are also moderate adventure rides for children at the fair. And the pleasure doesn’t stop there; for an added thrill, you can also enjoy a hot air balloon Kutch, which is priced differently by different operators.

Activities include a desert safari, aerial adventure sports such as ziplining and more, chess, carrom, a camel ride, paintball, and stargazing.

Rann utsav shopping

Shopping: If you looked all the way down to see if there were any Rann Utsav purchasing alternatives, the fair has you covered. The options will drive you insane. Unique handmade Gujarati products, leather items, brilliant silverware, delicate Kutchi needlework, and exquisitely carved decorations.

Tips For Visiting The Rann Of Kutch for First time Visitors:

  • Since this Rann Utsav occurs during the winter season, it is recommended that you bring some warm clothing with you.
  • Enjoy the whitewashed scenery from the highest point in Kutch, Kalo Dungar (Black Mountain).
  • Identity cards are required to be carried as they are required to be presented at checkpoints. Driving licences, Aadhar cards, passports, voter identification cards, and other similar papers are approved as ID cards.
  • Check the dates of Rann Utsav on the official website.
  • To get here, follow these simple COVID-19 travel instructions for Rann Utsav. It is not required to present a negative PCR test report while entering here by any form of transportation. It is mandatory to wear masks and sanitize your hands at regular intervals while in public locations. Most importantly, adhere to the official regulations governing the specific zone.

Conclusion: The Rann Utsav is a once-in-a-lifetime experience with unsurpassed magnificence. The spectacular displays of culture and tradition on the endless expanse of the pristine salt desert, the breathtaking landscapes, and the plethora of attractions for visitors make the Rann Utsav  an unavoidable item on any tourist’s bucket list. The total cost of this journey may be slightly higher than that of a typical hill-station holiday, but the enormity of the picturesque beauty that awaits you here is well worth it.

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