The TROBOLO® toilet system is ideal for campervans, caravans and is the ideal solution for glamping site owners looking for an eco-friendly, off-grid toilet solution for their guests.

TROBOLO® founder Friedrich Lange knows the challenge of disposing of toilet waste in an environmentally friendly way while camping or being on the road with a van from his own experience.

For years, he travelled across Europe and Africa in his ÔÇťEmmaÔÇŁ, a Mercedes 809 that he had converted himself. Although the landscapes, the climate and the cultures changed from country to country, one thing always remained the same: the problem of going to the toilet and the ecologically correct disposal of oneÔÇÖs own waste.

Using a TROBOLO® composting toilet while travelling saves you the hassle of searching for the nearest toilet. Your TROBOLO® is always with you and ensures odourless and sustainable disposal thanks to its separation of solids and liquids when using the toilet.

Whether in a mobile home, garden shed, backyard garden or on a houseboat ÔÇô a TROBOLO┬« provides absolute autonomy and works even without water or electricity.

In principle, there are two toilet variants that can be used as an on-board toilet in a van or motor home: chemical toilets and composting toilets.

TROBOLO® toilet system camping and glamping sites

Why are chemical toilets not sustainable?

Chemical toilets in their most basic form are quite inexpensive to purchase and are still installed as standard in many motorhomes. However, this circumstance should not inspire false confidence.

Although chemical toilets do their job relatively reliably, in that they stop the decomposition of urine and faeces and thus prevent odour formation to a certain extent, all this happens at a high price, which our environment ultimately pays.

Because of the chemical substances used, these toilets must not be emptied in nature under any circumstances, but only at specially equipped disposal facilities. However, even if the contents of your chemical toilet are disposed of correctly, they still have to be defused or reconditioned at great expense.

Chemical toilets may seem practical at first glance, but due to the chemical substances used, they are real sustainability killers and therefore not recommended.

Maximum sustainability: the functionality of composting toilets

Urine-diverting toilets or composting toilets have the great advantage that they do not require any water supply at all, and in some cases even no electricity, which places them high up on the sustainability scale.

In addition, contrary to some persistent clich├ęs, they reliably prevent the formation of odours and are only dependent on the use of litter, which is added to the waste, or the removal of air.

Disposing of the contents of a separating toilet is also easy to reconcile with a sustainable lifestyle: urine collected separately can be diluted with water and used as fertiliser or disposed of in a permanent toilet.

If you are travelling with a van, of course you donÔÇÖt have a flower bed with you that would benefit from this fertiliser. But the message is clear: urine mixed with water can be used for the good of nature. Although the solid waste container requires a collection bag, this does not have to be made of plastic ÔÇô it is also available in a biodegradable version. Thus, the use of a separating toilet allows you to deal with your leftovers in the most sustainable way.

Optimal toilets for on the go and for outdoors

The TROBOLO® IndiBlœm is a mobile composting toilet with litter in the usual TROBOLO® quality. Thanks to its waterless function, you are not dependent on any connections and the integrated and reliably working separation system reduces odours to a minimum!

Furthermore, the TROBOLO® IndiBlœm is characterised by its low weight and very compact design. Two practical transport handles also enable a change of location in no time at all.

Thanks to the integrated spill-stop mechanism, safe and hygienic mobile use is guaranteed at all times, even if you are travelling off the beaten track. This makes the TROBOLO® IndiBlœm ideal for use in mobile homes, minivans or even sailing boats!

The TROBOLO® BilaBlœm is a permanently installed composting toilet, which meets the special requirements of motorhomes and caravans thanks to an efficient electrical exhaust system and an external urine drain.

The highly energy-efficient exhaust air system, whose integrated USB port also offers flexible connection options (12V, 24V or 230V), eliminates odours completely and reliably!

The external urine drain can be easily connected to the existing grey water tank of the motorhome or caravan. You are thus spared any additional urine disposal and emptying the solids container is simple and hygienic, as you are used to from our TROBOLO® urine-diverting toilets.

The installation kit included in the package contents also enables the TROBOLO┬« BilaBl┼ôm to be firmly screwed to the wall or floor of the motorhome. This guarantees that the TROBOLO┬« BilaBl┼ôm can be used comfortably and conveniently at all times ÔÇô even while driving!

Our TROBOLO® KersaBœm was designed specifically for the requirement of a toilet for exterior areas like camping sites and meets the highest standards with regard to functionality, comfort and solid construction.

Thanks to being weather-resistant, the KersaB┼ôm can be used as an outdoor toilet all year round ÔÇô even when the temperature falls below the freezing point.

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