Just had something added to my bucket list. The Stone Circle Experience at Stonehenge.

When I first went there in 1979 you could get up close.  There was a rope “fence” around it but most people hopped over it and got inside the circle.

The ever-increasing numbers arriving at the site, however, meant that it had to be more tightly controlled so that, now, on the regular visiting opportunity you get near but not in.

Except . . .

Here’s an unforgettable opportunity to spend time inside the magical circle.

The Stone Circle Experience takes you up close to this world-famous monument. Learn the secrets of the stones from your knowledgeable host and experience the power and mystery of these ancient sarsens and bluestones for yourself.

Visits last for an hour and take place in the early morning or evening, outside normal visiting hours. They’re also subject to very … Read more

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