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Traveling is an experience taken by almost every person on the globe. Whether it is a short-distance endeavor between neighboring states of a country or a long-distance journey across far state lines/the country’s borders, it is pretty enjoyable.

The travel and tourism experience is quite exhilarating, which is why some people have made it their lives’ mission to tour the world and its ends; discovering new places, people, and their cultures.

Besides the experience itself, Travel and Tourism have opened new doors to income generation for many countries. Countries blessed with natural and artificial attractions see millions of people troop into the lands to visit one or more places.

Governments realized the potential Tourist centers have and have since invested in them, generating trillions of dollars yearly for various nations, as the figures published by Statista shows. Countries began reaping the results of the investments – mostly technological, as it helped improve the overall experience.

In 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic struck many countries across all continents, coronavirus inevitably halted travel and tourism business because people except emergency workers were confined to the walls of their homes.

Reports published reveal that the travel plans of millions of people in America were disrupted as tourism figures dropped by 65%; as a result, it caused a loss of revenue for world governments. At present, the COVID vaccine is available, and health workers licensed by the governments share them with citizens of their countries as one of the measures taken to eradicate the virus.

Lockdown has been eased in many places, meaning people can go out, gather in public places, and travel to other countries as long as they are done while observing safety protocols.

While this seems like travel and tourism should continue, it has been declared by health officials that people should refrain from mixing with many people for now unless absolutely necessary.

This means that although travel freaks have had to wait a long while for travel to be approved, they may have to wait a few more months until it is safe to travel and mix with other people. In the meantime, here are a couple of recommendations on how they can view the world outside easily.

Best ways to explore the world now

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Safe ways to travel
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The virtual experience is one of the ways by which technology has impacted the travel and tourism sector. Many people turned to travel programs on streaming services and channels on cable TV during the pandemic to remind themselves of the world’s beauty outside.

Travel websites and streaming platforms like Netflix host travel programs from time to time, sharing experiences of people who have journeyed through parts of the world. Due to a lack of licensing rights, most of those programs are usually restricted to inhabitants of a country/region.

Using a Virtual Private Network to encrypt and retransmit your location would grant a viewer access. For non-US residents, you can connect to a USA VPN server to gain instant access to all travel programs available for US residents.

Virtual Tours:

Virtual travel
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A Virtual Tour is an online experience of a landmark – natural and manufactured that allows you to enjoy as much of the experience as you would have had in person. Usually, a virtual tour of a place can occur in two forms; live and pre-recorded.

Regardless of the form of the tour you choose to take, the process is the same; you are provided with a detailed and accurate map of the place. The experience covers the entirety of the structure with the voice of a representative giving information on the things showcased.

The information would contain the history of the place, including artifacts found inside, narrating the journey of objects and their journey through history to end up there. Virtual Tours are usually hosted on websites and are available to everyone for a fee.

Of course, the price ranges from landmark to landmark, depending on its importance and the amount of technology employed.


Travel post pandemic
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The coronavirus impacted many people in different ways – especially countries and private establishments that generate high revenue from tourist activities and those whose jobs are predominantly linked to traveling. In a way, the lockdown period has made people appreciate the ambiance of the outside world more.

According to statements and reports, more people have decided to take trips as soon as health officials declare it safe.

This period has been a trying time for everyone, but health and safety remain a priority above everything else. We can only hope that activities return to normalcy soon, and people would be able to move freely without the fear of getting infected.

For now, it is ill-advised to take trips and risk getting infected, which is why you should resort to the above techniques to explore the world as best as you can at your convenience.

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