Listing out just 10 things to do in Dubai is an almost impossible task. That’s because Dubai is so chock-full of magnificent attractions and amazingly unique and fun things to do. Still, we have tried to present the absolute top 10 fun things that you can experience only in Dubai. Each item is a testament to the UAE leader’s vision and designs by some of the world’s greatest designers. Read on to learn more about Dubai’s incredible sights and attractions, and let us know when you’re ready to pack your stuff!

1.  Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame

Dubai’s designers come up with the most unique ideas, stuff that others don’t even think of. Consider this huge picture frame that stands 150 meters high, framing Old Dubai on one side, and modern Dubai on the other. The Frame was designed to demonstrate Dubai’s evolution from a simple village to what it is today.

The glass-enclosed elevators provide you top views of the surroundings. At the top, you get to walk on a glass walkway that bridges the two pillars of the Frame. The Dubai Frame is not just one of the tallest buildings in the world, it’s the only picture frame of that height and size! You cannot beat that!

2. The Green Planet

The Green Planet Dubai

Think about this – an amazing, lush tropical rainforest in the middle of this burning desert, where mainly cacti grow! Head to City Walk to explore The Green Planet bio-dome, with its amazing rainforest foliage, and over 3000 animals, plants and birds. Interact with sloths, tree porcupines, toucans, reptiles, fish, insects and deadly plants from South America. On Fridays, you get to enjoy a lovely brunch plus an interactive session with trained biologists, one of the best Dubai things to do!

3. The Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa Dubai

Nowhere in the world can people boast of a building this tall – all of 828 meters, shaped like a flower, with its pointed stamen piercing the very sky. Enjoy fabulous views of the city and beyond from the twin-floor observatory deck on the 124th and 124th floors. You can obtain a 360 degree view of the entire city via the deck’s telescopes. If you can, sign up for the sunrise experience from the At The Top deck. In the evenings, there are brand new light and laser show all along the length and breadth of the Burj.

4. Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

Yes, you’ve visited ski resorts in other countries – countries where you can expect ski resorts to be. We’re talking Dubai here – a city that burns hot summer and winter. Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort, always maintained at -2 degree Celsius. Located in the Mall of the Emirates, the resort comprises a huge snow mountain, with graded ski slopes, a penguin park, an ice cave, and a Swiss-style café on top of the mountain for hot cocoa and coffee. When you come in from the heat, you are put in a room where you cool off by a fewdegrees before dressing up for the cold. It looks and feels absolutely like a real ski resort. That is until you step outside and the heat hits you like a mallet.

5. Dubai Hop-on-Hop-off Bus Tour

Dubai’s bus tours ply on different routes, and a couple of these tours will let you see all of Dubai. The best thing is you can hop off at any point, spend as much time checking out attractions, and then hop on to the next bus in the same route. So get ready to feast your eyes on wonderful manmade landscapes, and buildings such as the Jumeirah Mosque, the Al Fahidi Fort and Museum, the Museum of the Future, Dubai Creek, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and so much more.

6. Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai is the very epitome of architectural magnificence, of the unexpected, the unique and absolutely mind-blowing. The Dubai Miracle Garden is a 72,000-sqm large Eden, no less. Here you’ll find thousands of installations such as the Airbus 3380, floral heart arch passages, and an 18-meter high Mickey Mouse, made out of 150 million growing flowers. Kids can enjoy 3D mapping activities and the trampoline park, while adults have dance events and live music. The Miracle Garden is open only between September and May.

7. Dubai Underwater Aquarium and Zoo

Dubai Underwater Aquarium and Zoo

It is literally the largest suspended aquarium in the world, boasting a huge collection of marine creatures from deadly sharks to a variety of manta rays and fish of all colors. It consists of a long acrylic tunnel that offers 270 degree views of the aquarium. Only the acrylic keeps you safe from the deadly sharks that come to check you out, and schools of hungry fish and an exciting range of marine life, all within your reach. It’s one of the top things to do in Dubai, no doubt about that.

8. Burj al Arab

Burj al Arab

Now here’s an incredible piece of architecture, and the only 7-star hotel in the entire world. Constructed in the form of a dhow’s sail, the Burj Al Arab stands on the shores of the Palm Islands. The hotel is clad in reflective black glass on which you can see the surrounding scenes. Every now and then, the hotel’s towers propel non-toxic propane fire bombs, which blaze on the windows. The entire hotel is designed with gold filigree and gilding. Michelin-starred chefs, private butlers, underwater beach, helipad, live performances by the world’s best – the list of guest privileges at the Burj al Arab is endless.

9. Dubai’s Amazing Manmade Islands

Dubai’s Amazing Manmade Islands

Two of Dubai’s truly astounding manmade wonders are the palm-shaped island, Palm Islands, and the island that’s created in the shape of a world map, World Islands. Both islands were literally built in the middle of the sea for which tons of sand were excavated all over the Middle East. These two miracles are best seen from a helicopter, or a balloon, or from a boat. Both of these islands have buildings mainly for businesses and some residences, along with plenty of hotels and resorts.

10. Dubai’s Magnificent Fountains

Dubai’s Magnificent Fountains

The Dubai Fountain (the world’s second-largest fountain), located on the 30-acre Burj Lake in front of the Dubai Mall is an extravaganza of lights, music and water that spouts up to 150 meters in the air. Get a blissful eyeful of the fountains while sailing in a traditional Abra on the Burj Lake. Or why not walk along the floating boardwalk set within a few meters of the fountain.

Now, for the absolute largest fountain in the world, there is Dubai’s Palm Fountain, spread over 1,335 square meters on the sea. Located at The Pointe on Palm Jumeirah, it has over 7,500 nozzles and 3,000 LED lights put on a display that’ll leave you awed forever.

11. Bonus Point: Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari

Imagine this – miles and miles of beautiful red sand dunes – it feels as though the dunes are moving. But here’s something not everyone knows. You can ask your tour operator to extend your evening safari to last the entire night, at an extra cost. Maybe even sign up for the evening safari and camp in the desert overnight. You can also request a guide and some camels to check out the desert’s flora and fauna at night. End your safari with a magical night under the star-lit sky, and welcome the magnificent desert sunrise as it breaks over the horizon. A desert safari in Dubai is not just restricted to evening or overnight safari; you can also opt for a refreshing morning safari or even an exclusive sunrise desert safari.


Dubai is synonymous with magic, enchantment and boundless excitement. It’s hard to decide what to experience in the time you have. The only thing that makes sense to us is to prioritise the top attractions and come back again for more. We mean, again, and again, and again!

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