It seems that Easyjet is following in the footsteps of its budget competitor’s Ryanair & Wizzair. This seems to be the end of its free carry-on luggage policy. This move comes two years after other budget airlines introduced the same measures. Thus meaning you can now only carry on one small bag that must fit under the seat in front of you. So what does this mean for you and is this the end to cheap getaways?

What this means

The new measure will come into play on February 10th 2021. Some have taken this as a way of the company making money back. Especially after the industry has suffered an unprecedented economical hit due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With Thomas Cook going bust just prior to the outbreak and Flybe being the first casualty of the pandemic, it is a wonder more have not followed just yet. Since the company collapse, Thomas Cook did rise from the ashes and is now run as an online-only travel agency. So what does this mean for travellers looking to get away on a budget? Also, what does this mean if you already have flights booked with Easyjet leaving after the new implications begin?

Travellers can still take on a bag measuring 45cm x 36cm x 20cm into the cabin for free. Compared to Ryanair’s policy of 40cm x 20cm x 20cm, it gives one a little more wiggle room. Easyjet has claimed this is enough to pack essentials for a short trip, but I am sure many would disagree. It also looks as though it will cost considerably less than its budget airline rivals. So what are the in’s and out’s of the new policy? There are several different options you can choose to do.

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Weigh Up Your Options

Here are a list of potential options and cost you can choose from when flying with Easyjet.

Easyjet Carry-on Bag Now £7 Per Flight.

This would mean and extra ¬£14 per person on a return flight. There are ways this can be reduced though. If you are travelling in a group you can choose a ‚ÄėFamily Bundle‚Äô. This covers between 3-6 bags and costs ¬£16 per flight. That is just ¬£2.67 a flight per person if you have 6 bags. Despite the name ‚ÄėFamily Bundle‚Äô, anyone who is travelling on the same flight booking can be included and allows one bag per person to be taken.

Need A Larger Check-in Bag?

These prices range from £7-£42.50 per bag per flight. The price will depend on your route, time of booking and the weight in which you wish to take onboard. 15 kg will cost between £6.99- £35.49 and £9.49-£42.50 for up to 23 kg. So it may seem you need to book your bag in early to get the best deal.

Pay For Priority Seating

Doing so allows you to take on a cabin bag. The price for priority ranges from £8-£40 per seat per flight dependant on your route, seat and time of booking. Again, it seems like booking early may be the best option. This allows a wheelie bag, sized 56cm x 45cm x 25cm to be put in the overhead locker above you. As well as getting upgraded seats, extra legroom and priority boarding.

Upgrade To A Flexi Fare Ticket.

These fares allow you to change flights after booking as well as other perks. These include taking on cabin bag as well as a check-in bag at no extra cost and speedy boarding. However, the difference in cost compared to economy bookings are usually considerably higher. Keep an eye out for these tickets, they may be worth it if you get a great deal. Otherwise, the best bet would be a standard ticket with £7 carry-on should you know your exact dates of travel.

Becoming An Easyjet Cardholder.

This comes at quite a hefty cost of £215 per year and obviously would not benefit a casual flyer. However, if you are a regular flyer with the airline this may be worth it in the long run. Cardholders get check-in bags at no extra cost plus priority boarding, fast track security as well as a choice of seats and dedicated bag drop at no extra cost.

Reason Behind The Rise

A statement released by the company claims that the change in policy is down to punctuality. The chief commercial and customer officer claimed:

Punctuality is important to our customers, and we know that if they have their bags placed into the hold at the gate due to the limited space onboard this can cause flight delays, and it can be frustrating for them too.

“Punctuality is important to our customers, and we know that if they have their bags placed into the hold at the gate due to the limited space onboard this can cause flight delays, and it can be frustrating for them too.

Our new policy will improve boarding and punctuality for everyone, as well as give our customers certainty of what they will have with them onboard.‚ÄĚ

Robert Carey

I will leave it to you to decide whether you take this as the sole reason to why they have ditched their free baggage policy. It does, however, seem to be quite reasonably priced, unlike other budget airlines. Personally, I think if this should prevent another airline going bust then surely people will not mind this small increase. It does seem like a lot of thought has gone into the pricing structure.

Let us not forget how INCREDIBLY cheap international flights are in this day and age. The cost of flying is so cheap nowadays. For many, flying to another country cheaper than a taxi home from their nearest city. Plus, right now, the travel industry needs all the help they can get from us.

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So How Will This Affect Your Decision?

Will this affect your decision to fly with Easyjet? Let’s start a discussion in the comments below.

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