Celebrating anniversaries at our most fav destinations is one norm that we follow every year . And, for our 9th Anniversary, Vic decided to take me for a Vacation to Rajasthan to experience a stay at a royal palace hotel – Lake Nahargarh Palace,Chittorgarh.

The name Rajasthan literally translates to “land of the kings”, and is one of the most popular regions of India. Starting from ancient temples to grand palaces, sand dunes, quintessential destinations, and lip-smacking delicacies, Rajasthan has all that you want. Stay in Rajasthani palaces is a royal experience in itself & one such hotel that must not miss your attention is that the Nahargarh Palace , Chittorgarh. It is a standing example of beauty and grandeur in the region.

Lake Nahargarh Palace
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About The lake Nahargarh Palace :

Nahargah chittorgarh
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Justa Lake Nahargarh Palace ,Chittorgarh is one of the most perfect venues for you to let your hair down when you are on a vacation. The place forms the heart of a beautiful private lake. Moreover, it is covered on all sides by rich wildlife and almost eighty acres of land. You look around everywhere, and what you see is the beautiful greenery, and essence of royalty in this palace turned hotel.

Chittorgarh hotel
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The Nahargarh Palace Chittorgarh is a 4-star resort that was originally used as a hunting lodge by the royal families of Parsoli and Salumber. Later, the late Maharaja Nahar Singhji of Ravalata bought the palace, and it was later renovated by his son. His name was Ralavata’s Raja Jitendra Singh Rathore. The resort or banquet hotel is layered by the majestic Aravalli Hills and forests on all sides.

Best place to stay in chittorgarh

It is the most tranquil and picturesque property that you will ever visit. Therefore, the perfect backdrop along with the serenity of the lake make it not just the best hotel in Chittorgarh, but also an ideal destination for weddings.

You will find a list of lake Nahargarh Palace reviews on the internet, and one thing remains common everywhere. It is the beauty of the surroundings and the grandeur of this historical location that will be etched in your memory forever.


The hotel is equipped with world-class facilities. The design of the rooms are comfortable, and the settings are upscale and brilliant overall. There are more than one banquet halls that they can customize as per your requirement.

Palace hotel
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We stayed in the Suits rooms in the palace and wow we were mesmerized. The palace has an incredible atmosphere and you can feel and see the history all around you as you walk through the corridors.

We were amazed to find out that the place delivers more than we saw on the internet. Starting from the mesmerizing suites to the heart-warming welcome given on arrival, we loved every bit of it! The staff is so cooperative that your stay here becomes more comfortable.

If you want to make the most of your stay, make sure you relax in the pool. Besides, if you are a couple visiting the hotel, they will make arrangements accordingly.

Rajasthan hotels to stay

The pool will be filled with rose petals for the ultimate dreamy experience. Plus, the rich, green backdrop makes for the perfect color combination too. After you have had your breakfast in the pool, it is time for some sight-seeing.

You can start by taking a tour of the hotel itself, because every part of the property feels straight out of a history book. Then you can request for a car that will take you around the place, and it is a guaranty that you will fall in love with it.

Naharagh hotel
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The food options in Lake Nahargarh Palace is fantastic as you would expect in such a luxurious place. The food is a perfect combination of Rajasthani dishes along with every other possible cuisine that you would like. Overall, our experience was good enough to approve the fact that the Lake Nahargarh Palace is the best hotel in Chittorgarh. We would suggest you to take a trip soon and live the royal life for a few days there!

Price for one night:

  • Rs. 3700+ for a deluxe room.

Nearest town:

Chittorgarh is the nearest town and you can visit the Chittor Fort if you want to explore the surrounding places. You can also visit Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary (7.0 km).


  • Airport shuttle- The staff is extremely courteous and will take care of your schedule. So, you can opt for an airport shuttle from the hotel without a second thought.
  • Free parking- Just like you would expect in a grand place like this, there is of course the facility that you would want right on arrival.
  • Room service- The staff at the Lake Nahargarh Palace is available at your service all the time, and we can’t tell you how satisfied we were. They will make sure that you have the best experience while you are here.
  • Free WiFi- While the WiFi connection is not the best, but we can still manage with such a small limitation.
  • Restaurant- They have a grand restaurant and eating area. Here, you not only get some lip-smacking Rajasthani cuisine, but also pretty much everything that suits your tastebuds.
  • Non-smoking zone
  • Private pool- This is a highlight that you must not miss during the time you are here. Moreover, you can opt for a pool breakfast too. It is amazing!
  • Picnic area- If you are visiting the hotel with friends or family, why not let the staff arrange an in-house picnic for you? It is always good to explore all sides of a place that you are visiting.
  • Garden- A fantastic place for an evening stroll, the garden area is filled with soft grass and beautiful flowers. They also have a fountain in this area. Once the lights are on, the beauty of this place levels up immediately.


The Nahargah Palace is a magnificent hotel filled with unrivaled charm. From Boat pick up right through to our check out the service we experienced was first class. The service was second to none – nothing was too much trouble and we were always greeted with warm smiles! We experienced exceptional hospitality, kindness and warmth!

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