The Amalfi Coast is one of the most lust-worthy areas of Italy. Nowhere else on earth can you find such a beautiful stretch of land full of awe-inducing sights and picturesque views. The Amalfi Coast is only a mere 50-km long; however, it is full of enchanting villages, towns, and hidden spots that will bedazzle you.

This Southern Italian route is known for its rugged green mountains, pastel-colored houses, clear blue waters, and delicious Limoncello. There is no doubt that everything along the Amalfi Coast is naturally and architecturally brilliant. In addition to being beautiful, the Coast also has a rich history, with each city and village having its own unique and diverse story to tell. More so, in 1997, the Amalfi Coast was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, preserving its beauty and charm.

The whole Coast is full of excitement, and there is something new to see and discover around every bend and up every mountain. As a result, there are a plethora of things to do in The Amalfi Coast, and you will never have a dull moment while visiting.

Here is a list of the top things to do in the Amalfi Coast to make your Italian seaside adventures even more magical.

Admire the Views in Positano

 Positano, Italy

Positano is by far the most well-known and lusted after city along the Amalfi Coast. This small village is built vertically into the rugged mountains along the coast, which is where its name “the vertical city” comes from. Positano’s unique landscape has resulted in some of the most stunning and breath-taking views you could ever imagine. The houses built into the mountain are pastel-colored and pop against the green maintains. And beyond the village are even more extensive and grander mountains to admire.

A stop in Positano is one of the top things you need to do while traveling the Coast because not only is it beautiful, but there are also a ton of things to do in Positano. There is more than what meets the eye in Positano, from delicious food to intense hikes to stunning beaches!

Positano is a bucket list travel destination that should be one of the main things on your to-do list while visiting the Amalfi Coast.

Soak up the Sun at one of the Many Beaches

The Amalfi Coast is surrounded by water, which means that there are a ton of beaches to enjoy. There is nothing better than soaking up some Italian sun while the warm breeze blows off the sea with beautiful mountains and views all around you.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer busy city beaches, rocky beaches, beaches built on top of the water, or secluded beaches, you are sure to find the perfect beach to fit your desires. If you are looking for a city beach, just head to any of the main cities along the Amalfi Coast – Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi – and you will surely find a beach in the middle of the town. These beaches are great because they offer stunning views of the city and have sun beds to rent with drink service.

Most of the beaches in Positano are rocky beaches except in Sorrento. The beach in Sorrento is built onto a cement dock that is constructed on top of the water. This is pretty interesting if you are looking for a unique beach experience where you can just jump straight into the water from your beach chair.

There are also a ton of secluded beaches along the Coast that are perfect for travelers looking for privacy. The best one is Furore di Fiordo which is located between Positano and Amalfi and lies below the vast highway.

Dine at Da Adolfo

Speaking of beautiful beaches, one of the best restaurants along the Coast is a beachfront restaurant called Da Adolfo. This restaurant is located on Spiaggia di Laurito and is a heaven for seafood lovers. If you are looking for some of the best seafood in the area, you have to stop here.

The best way to get here is by taking one of the ferries from Positano that departs every 30 minutes. Just be sure to reserve a spot in advance because this is an extremely popular restaurant and point of interest along the Amalfi Coast.

Enjoy the Beauty of Sorrento

Sorrento is a beautiful yet underrated city along the Coast that offers the perfect escape from the business of Positano. The whole city is built on high jagged cliffs that sit right along the seas edge. The cities construction on the enormous cliffs makes it very different from all other cities along the Coast, and it really is something to marvel at. There is a sense of danger and excitement when you are looking up at the city, as well as, when you are up on the cliffs looking down below.

In addition to the city’s exciting design, Sorrento is full of things to do. You will not be bored in this romantic Italian city as the options for adventures are limitless.

What’s also great about Sorrento is that it is a much more budget-friendly option than the other “big” city Positano. Food, accommodation, and activities cost much less in Sorrento than others, which makes it a delightful place to visit. If you are planning an Amalfi Coast adventure, be sure to consider using Sorrento as your accommodation base and traveling around from there.

Take a Boat Ride

Since the Amalfi Coast is built along the sea, the best way to see the Coast in its entirety is by boat. Luckily there are a ton of boat company’s and tours available that are more than happy to show you the magical Coast from the unique perspective on the water.

The options for boat tours and adventures are endless, which makes finding your perfect option quite easy. If you prefer a relaxing boat ride, find a tour that brings you along the shores and shows you all the towns and villages from afar. If you are looking for something more adventurous, look for a boat ride that allows you to jump off into the sea periodically and brings you to interesting spots. Or if you are looking for something romantic, look for a twilight boat tour to bring you out onto the water to admire the sparkling town lights from a distance.

Taking a boat ride is one of the top things to do in the Amalfi Coast and is something every visitor of this magical area should experience.

Explore the Authentic Italian Village of Atrani

Atrani is the smallest municipality in Southern Italy, and a must do while visiting the Coast. This small village is home to 1,000 residences and is the most authentic Italian place along the Coast. While touring the Amalfi Coast you may notice that it can get quite touristy, and escaping to the quiet and local town of Atrani can be a welcome escape from the craziness of the others.

There is not a ton of tourist attractions in Atrani, but that’s what makes it all the more special. While here, you can explore the winding streets, eat at a fresh restaurant, admire the pastel coloured homes, and even spend some time on the charming, quaint beach.

Drive along the Scenic Coastline

The road that you must drive to get around the Amalfi Coast is quite the adventure in many ways. The whole route is built high into the mountains and lines the sea. The views from the drive are incredibly scenic, and like nothing else you will experience on a road trip. However, the road the very small and has a ton of curves and corners to navigate.

A drive along the Coast is a must while visiting the Amalfi Coast to see all the beauty there is. If you are renting your own car, be sure you are a confident driver because it is not the most comfortable drive. The nice thing about renting your own car is that you can make stops along the highway whenever you want, and trust me, you will be stopping to admire the views often. If you are not a confident driver and want to admire the views without stress, stick with a bus company to drive you around.

Hike the Path of Gods

The Path of Gods is the Coast’s most beautiful and visited hike that stretches between Agerola and Nocelle. The hike offers some of the most stunning panoramic views of the mountains, water, and surrounding cities that you could ask for. This hike is 4.8 miles long and takes around 3 hours to complete. It is not an easy hike, especially in the middle of summer, but the views are well worth the struggle.

The Path of Gods is said to be one of the most fascinating routes in the Mediterranean and should not be missed while visiting the Coast.

Eat Fresh Gelato

The Amalfi Coast gets quite hot in the summertime and stays pretty mild throughout the year, which makes eating copious amounts of locally made gelato a must. There is nothing better than enjoy the stunning surroundings of the Coast while indulging in fresh gelato.

Along the Coast in the various cities and towns, you will find a ton of different gelato shops just waiting to be discovered. Some of which have very interesting and unique flavors, so be sure to go to more than one gelato shop to taste all the flavors of the Coast.

Take a Day trip to Capri

Capri, Italy

Many people think that Capri is a part of the Amalfi Coast, but this is actually not true. Capri is located on its own island off the main peninsula of the Amalfi Coast and can be reached by a short boat or ferry ride from one of the main villages. Although it is technically not a part of the Coast it still holds the same beauty and charm as the others but has its own unique characteristic. Capri is most well-known for its huge mountains, luxurious environment, and beautiful architecture.

Capri is the Italian hot spot for the rich and famous from all around the world. On this small island, you will find mansions of various celebrities, designer stores, and luxurious hotels. While on the water, you will see a plethora of mega yachts full of the elite. A visit to Capri will show you a whole other world that is made for the rich and will have you envious for the life they are living.

However, Capri isn’t made exclusively for the rich, and there are still things to do and experience for the average person. There are more than enough things to do that are both affordable and exciting.

If you want to see a luxurious and grand place, taking a day trip to Capri is a must.

Drink Fresh Limoncello

The best place on earth to drink Limoncello is the Amalfi Coast, specifically Sorrento. Limoncello is produced fresh in Sorrento and distributed all around the Coast, which is why you may notice a ton lemon centered souvenir around. While visiting the Coast, enjoying a few shots or glasses of fresh Limoncello is a must.

Limoncello is a sweet lemon flavored liqueur that is a Southern Italian gem. You will be presented with many opportunities to try it, such as buying a bottle at a grocery store, getting a glass at dinner, or going to a dedicated limoncello store along with your adventures. In addition to trying it, this is also a really great souvenir to bring home for friends and family, or for yourself to remember the Coast and all its fresh beauty.

View the Whole Coast in Ravello

Ravello is located above the city of Amalfi, high in the cliffs of the Coast. It is one of the most peaceful and romantic cities along the coast and is a must-visit for all travellers. The city is characterized for its romantic Shakespeare Esque terraces that overlook the sea and cities along the Coast. Gorgeous gardens surround the terraces, and the views from the edge of the terraces are beyond stunning.

This is the perfect high point to overlook the vivid blue waters and soak in the magic of the Coast. Just a warning, the terraces are very high, so high in fact that looking down from the top might make you a little bit dizzy. If you are afraid of heights, I suggest you admire from a distance.

Explore the Picturesque Streets of Amalfi

 Amalfi Coast

Many people are unaware, but along the Amalfi Coast there is also a city named Amalfi. This city is quite beautiful in its architecture and views and well worth a visit. One of the main sights to see in Amalfi is the Duomo, which is a church designed with a unique mash-up of different architectural styles. The unique mix of Baroque, Gothic, Byzantine, Romanesque, and most prominently Arab-Norma styles results in a very interesting sight to see.

Beyond the church, the city of Amalfi has a ton of quaint light-colored houses that are wonderful to admire and photograph. Plus, there is a pier that reaches out into the middle of the water in Amalfi, and from the end of it, you get some stunning views of the city and surrounding mountains.

Dance the Night Away

One of the more interesting and unheard-of things to do in the Amalfi Coast is to go out at night and party. However, partying in the Amalfi Coast is quite different than other places when you have venues like Music on the Rocks. This venue is located in Positano and is inside a cave on the cliffs lining the sea. It is a night out venue that cannot be beaten and well worth the visit while traveling the Coast.

When to Visit the Amalfi Coast

The best time to visit the Amalfi Coast depends on your travel preferences. The pros of visiting the Coast in the summer months is that it is fully alive. Meaning all the tours are open, all restaurants are open, there is no shortage of things to do. However, during the summer, the temperatures are quite hot, to the point where being outside for extended hours can be dangerous, and there are a ton of tourists. I can down after hiking Cinque Terre, which was a nice break after that.

The pros about visiting beyond the summer months are that the Coast is much less busy, which makes enjoy the views and experiences much more enjoyable, plus many restaurants will still be open. However, in the off season, you may find lots of tours not running and some more mild temperature days.

The best months to visit Positano are September, October, April, May.

Where to stay on the Amalfi Coast 

The best place to stay in the Amalfi Coast is in Sorrento. As mentioned, this is a much more budget-friendly option that many of the other cities, but it still is a main spot so getting to other cities and places to very easy. Plenty of people also access the area from Naples as well.

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